Michael Bay and the TF-franchise?! pt.2

Ok… I talked briefly about the appearances of the cybertronians and some of the dislikes I have with the Bay-version of the Transformers, so I think I’ll be talking about some of the human characters of the franchise for a while.

Let’s start with Spike Witwicky, the main human protagonist. The first time we are introduced to this character in the series, he is working alongside his father (Sparkplug) on an oilrig that gets attacked by the Decepticons. The Autobots saves him and the other workers on the rig, and young and enthusiastic as he is (Spike), he’s very curious about these alien robots and teams up with them so to speak, teaching them as they teach him, about their varying cultures and so forth. He is voiced by Corey Burton and as the series progresses and takes that enormous leap across time in Transformers The Movie from 1986, we get to see Spike all grown up (still voiced by Burton), having a kid of his own (Daniel). This is something that confused the crap out of me as a kid, but now I see it clear as day that it was purely a way for Hasbro to produce more toys and action-figures. Wich is kinda awesome if you ask me!  There’s a whole thing about the Headmasters and so on that I won’t be talking about here, maybe later on.

Anyways, in the first Bay-movie we’re introduced to, what I think is a completely different character, Sam Witwicky. Shia Labeouf plays a high school-student with an intertwined fate with the cybertronians. His great grandfather stumbles upon a giant iceman in the arctic, wich later turns out to be Megatron, and the battle ensues over some artifacts passed down to Sam. After the first movie, I thought long and hard on this specific character and how they made him real and… I gotta say, I like it. I think they really captured what Spike was all about and twisted it in a way that made it belieavable, what with Bumblebee being the guardian and what not. But I’ll get to that later. So in conclusion for Sam… Thumbs up all the way!

And then there’s Sparkplug. Yeah, that’s his name in the series. Spike’s father who helps out with some mechanical stuff around the crashed spacecraft-base and spewing moral lectures out the wazoo. I never really liked the character at all as a child, I thought he reminded me of my own dad and that was not why I was watching the Transformers. He was voiced by Chris Latta in the G1-series.

In the first movie, we’re introduced to Ron Witwicky, played by Kevin Dunn, a terrific actor with a lot of different sides to the dice. The character grows on my, as he first is depicted more as a comic relief than having an actual part to play in the plot. Ofcourse, we get to see the father-side of the character here aswell, but it’s done in a great way. In the second movie, we get to see him really torn up about his son playing such a big part in the huge war between these alien robots and the way Dunn performs in the scene in the final battle, it put tears in my eyes! But sadly, the character declines from there and falls back to being a comic relief in the third installment and it is done horribly if you ask me.

Ok, so the love-interest then. Every great story have a heroine, some good and some bad. In this case, the only good thing with her, is the scene where she’s helping Sam out with the car (Bumblebee) somewhere in the beginning. After that, she’s just an annoying and stuck-up prude that has Nothing to do with the Transformers-universe What So Ever! Played by Megan Fox, so ofcourse, she has that to her advantage.

But luckily, they vindicate this by bringing in Carly in the third installment. Carly is the girl that Spike marries and have a family with in the G1-universe, so why they thought they had to bring in a whole new character is beyond me. And ofcourse, the choice of actress.. Wowheee, they couldn’t have made a better casting-choice on that one! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is by far the prettiest girl I have ever seen on the big screen, and I don’t care what people think about it… Nice going casting-directors!

There will be another post about some of the other human characters as well, like Lennox, Epps and Maggie and so on, but for now, I’ll stick to these three… I don’t wanna strain myself you know! 😉

Anywho, I think that pretty much raps it up for now, but hey… tomorrow’s a new day. And by the looks of things, it’ll be a fun day of blogging, with topics like Warrior and Robocop! So… stay tuned! But until then…

Peace out hombrés!


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