RoboCop 2013

RoboCop, an action-thriving story about Alex J. Murphy, a Detroit police-officer fatally wounded in battle and is returned to active duty in form of a powerful cyborg. The plot itself is astonishing and at the time, the effects were amazing. An instant classic in my book. The first film was so succesful that it spawned an entire franchise, followed by two direct sequels and a short-lived series (Prime Directives from 2000, now said to have been a mini-series from the get-go), along with videogames, action-figures and various other merchandise. The only negative thing that I have to say really, is the fact that Peter Weller, who played the part of Murphy/RoboCop in the first two, did not reprise his role in the third movie. Ofcourse he didn’t do it in the series, but I can’t imagine what made him stay out of it for RoboCop 3? Sure, there’s talk in the industry about type-casting and what not, but Peter Weller is an actor with a thousand faces, there’s not a chance in hell that he could be type-casted, and not only that… what would they even do if that was the case? Make 15 RoboCop-movies? I don’t think so.

Anyway, for the third movie they had the part of RoboCop played by Robert John Burke, a well-known TV actor instead. There’s been a lot of talk about IF he did a good job and what he did wrong/right etc, but the fact of the matter is… He is a great RoboCop. With the face-gear and helmet on, you’d have to be a real fan of -Cop to even see the difference. But the reason the series failed is, in my oppinion, the choice of actor, Page Fletcher. Everything he did was wrong, the voice, the movements… just a misery to watch.

And now, ladies & germs, to the main-event. RoboCop 2013 directed by José Padilha. Is it to early to do a remake on such a huge movie? I mean, the franchise was, is and will always be an enormous part of the 1980s cinema. If you take in to consideration the fact that, everywhere you look today there’s a remake of something, are they making the right choice?. About 50% (oppinion, NOT fact) of Hollywoods entire roster is made up of remakes today, with the asian horrors to The Girl With The Dragon-tattoo and oh so much more. It’s pretty much giving me a headache just to think about it. I really think they are making the right choice. I’m sad to say this, but if they were to wait another, say, 10 years to do this movie, the name RoboCop isn’t going to ring as many bells as it does today. And as long as they stay somewhat true to the original and combines that with a great story and, (as they pretty much already shown us) a great cast, this thing could be huge and start a whole new franchise of its own.

The choice of Joel Kinnaman as RoboCop (I do hope they stay with the name Murphy to), is awesome! As a swedish movie-fan, this is enormous to say the least, seeing a brother-in-arms helming such a big part of my childhood!

He is a great actor by nature and can play pretty much anything, not unlike mr. Weller back in the day. And just look at the facial features… Amazing casting-choice on that one!
And if you put the awesomeness and amazing talent that is Gary Oldman in to the mix, you have yourself a sure winner. But that’s not all… Sam Jackson, the man known from pretty much everything, joins up aswell.

So in my book, all we can do is wait… With a fantastic cast as it is (with a few additions here and there ofcourse), a great story and a great director, I think we’re looking at a Box Office-smash! Let’s just hope that mr Padilha makes us the fans, the mythology and mr. Weller proud!

Let me know what you guys think, I’m always anxious to hear YOUR thoughts aswell! But until next time…

Peace out hombrés!


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