Pathfinder.. Two worlds. One war. The ultimate battle begins.

This is a historic movie where the actual historical fact is left out. But who’s to say that the norse vikings never landed on what today is referred to as U.S soil? They just never told anyone about it. But that’s something for the scholars who actually gives a damn to discuss, not me! I just find the idea behind this story amazing and awesome!

Karl Urban is Ghost, a white man amongst the native Americans,  a viking-boy left behind many years ago when his clan battles the native Americans, and then raised as one of them. Many years later, the Norsemen returns and he is left with a choice, either help the ones that raised him and fight against this new-old threat, or turn against them, leaving them in despair. The story itself is pretty basic with clichés everywhere, but that’s a given at this point. You can’t write a good movie without them. The reason they are called clichés is because they work. At least in my book.

When I was going to see this movie for the first time (saw it three times in the theatre), the name Karl Urban didn’t ring any bells AT ALL. A friend of mine said that he’s that blonde dude on the horse in Lord of The Rings and another one said that he’s the bad guy in Bourne Supremacy, but when I saw him, the only face I could see before me was Vaako from The Chronicles of Riddick. And that made me REALLY excited!!
 Now a days, he’s put himself somewhere on my Top-20 Action/Adventure-actors of all time. Almost anything he touches turns to gold, at least in my oppinion. And yes, even Doom! But fact of the matter is, that, even if he can play almost anything, he will always be praised if he’s wearing some sort of armor or flailing about with a sword. That’s just what he’s made for.

And then we have the main villain (if you can call him that) Gunnar, played by Clancy Brown. This is an actor that is hand-sculpted by God to perfection for these types of characters. He has the size and built like that of a giant and his voice is dark, gritty and viscious. The same characteristics that made him perfect for The Kurgan in Highlander ( He brings a special kind of evil to this persona that I actually never seen since The Kurgan and I am 100% sure that no one else could’ve done it with the perfection that Brown did. The mere presence of this man (Gunnar) is enough to shatter whatever hope his opponents have left!

I’m not going to deep into the outline of the story, naming any specific scenes or delving into any more of the movie itself, for if I did, I would be sitting here writing for about 5-6 hours more. Yeah, I have a lot to say about this one, but I’m saving myself!  I just wanna leave you with one more thing about the two worlds colliding and then it’s beddy-bye!

The way they depict the norsemen as a brutal and viscious people is astonishing. I can’t recall ever seeing such brutality on screen, but it gives the movie a somewhat darker and more twisted feel to it as a whole, so I accept it as it is. And the beauty and grace of the native Americans is just as expected, the natural beauty that was within theese people are amazingly depicted here, and the combination of the two worlds in one movie is what makes this one great!

So until next time, shout out what you wanna read about, and I’ll take it under advisement!

Peace out hombrés!


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