Tango’s Thoughts Top10 Cinema Bad Guys!

I wanna talk a bit about some of the more sinister bad guys that I feel have been left out from pretty much every Top10 Bad Guy-list ever written since the dawn of the Internet. So without further adieu, here it is:

Tango’s Thoughts Top10 Cinema Bad Guys!

: Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg from The Fifth Element, played by Gary Oldman. He is viscious, mean and the way he controls his minions is fantastic. And he does everything in one of the baddest, most gruesome haircuts ever seen on screen!

Andre Linoge in Stephen King’s Storm Of the Century, played by Colm Feore. Colm brings a dark and mysterious aura to this Emperor Palpatine-looking character that has no equal. And the voice gave me shivers all over when I first heard it.

#8: Kane in Highlander III, played by Mario Van Peebles. Take one look at his eyes and you know that behind them lies pure evil. But not only that, every time he’s on screen, you see this cool badass-guy just biding his time, waiting for the right time to strike. Boss!

#7: Chozen in The Karate Kid part II, played by Yuji Okumoto. This is a guy that just goes on your nerves. He gives the worst first impression of all time and all through the movie, I just wanted to kick him in the nads. He’s annoying, walks around thinking he’s the center of the universe and he takes all his agression out on Daniel-san, for no real apparent reason.

#6: Vaako from The Chronicles of Riddick, played by Karl Urban. Everything this guy does, has something to do about taking over the throne. He is malevolent, cruel and viscious about getting what he wants. And the darkness in his eyes is astounding.

William ‘D-Fens’ Foster from Falling Down, played by Michael Douglas. During a psychotic breakdown, he takes no prisoners in his war against society. All he wants to do, is to go home to his daughter but the people he meets along the way are sure to feel sorry after meeting this man. With pure madness in his eyes, he violently lashes out against anyone he sees a threat to his will.

#4: Max Cady in Cape Fear, played by Robert DeNiro. Can you say revenge? This is everything this man wants and he won’t stop at anything to get it. He malevolently plans against his former counselor and the way to the climactic finale of this film is a wonder to watch. DeNiro is brutal, viscious and wonderful, truly at his best!

#3: Clarence J. Boddicker from Robocop, played by Kurtwood Smith. With evil in his eyes  and a disposition to do anything for money, this is a man that you would love to have in your corner. He not only kills with ease, but he does it with a smile. This guy would actually put his foot up your ass if you gave him the reason.

#2: Castor Troy from Face/Off, played by Nicholas Cage & John Travolta. Troy finds pleasure in others discomfort and anguish. And he does it with style! He cares about nothing but his brother and he is probably the last person I want to meet in a dark alley!

And finally, we have come to the big one, Tango’s Thoughts number-one Cinema Bad Guy!

#1: Hydell from Lockout, played by Joseph Gilgun. He is psychotic, neurotic and a total badass. He walks around shooting people just for the fun of it and with severe tendencies of doing whatever the hell he wants when he’s specifically told not to. He was so evil that I laughed but at the same time I felt an anger towards him that I’m not supposed to feel for a character in a movie. And Gilgun gave an amazing performance mind you, this is an actor to look for!!

Well there you have it, my top10 cinema bad guys! Hope you’ve enjoyed it and that you’ll share it with the world! Tomorrow, my schedule tells me that it’s Punisher conclusion-time. But until then… Peace out hombrés!


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