Marvel and The Avengers! pt2

Ok, so last night I talked a little about The Winter Soldier, Thanos, Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World. There’s really not much else in my head to put out there about the subjects of previous post other than this; When they hit us, I’ll be right there at the frontlines taking the first hits! So instead, today I thought I would talk a little more about the Avengers-saga and the possibly huge franchise it can be.

We all know about how they slowly, but steadfast, drew us closer and closer to the epic we now know as Marvel’s The Avengers and when I saw Jeremy Renner’s cameo as Hawkeye in Thor my mind was blown so hard I had to gather up the pieces in a bucket afterwards. In my oppinion, they couldn’t have chosen a better actor for the job and the fact that I would get to see Hawkeye in a movie made the little kid in me wanna sprint a couple of laps around the globe just to calm down.

One thing that bothered me a little bit though, was the fact that he didn’t get a movie of his own. Sure, he didn’t have as big a part in The Avengers as say Cap or Iron Man, but Hawkeye is still one of my biggest favourites when it comes to Marvel and much like with Green Arrow in the DC-universe, I have always loved that they run around with a bow. It’s just awesome! And Jeremy Renner has definately proven himself as one of Hollywood’s greatest actors at the time and he deserved to get his own movie and/or an entire franchise like the others.

Another thing about the Avengers that’s been “bugging me” is that everywhere you turn, there is talks about Spiderman joining the team etc. I don’t mind so much the fact that they talk about it, it’s more that there seem to be no one out there who actually knows what they are talking about. Spiderman wasn’t in The Avengers, he was in The NEW Avengers and that’s a franchise that won’t be here (if it ever will) for at least 10-15 years or so. I haven’t had the “pleasure” of seeing The Amazing Spiderman yet so I have nothing specific to say about it but one can only hope that they actually have something planned like with films leading up to The Avengers along with The Wolverine (2013). That, my friends, would be an epic conclusion to say the least. But alas, when the time comes to actually give us The New Avengers, I don’t think Hugh Jackman will be fit to portray Logan anymore, due to old age or career-crash.

There you have it ladies and germs, chapter two of my “Marvel and The Avengers!”-segment. Lined up for tomorrow’s post, I have scribbled down some thoughts on Nick Fury and there will possibly even be a little something on Cap aswell. But untill then… Peace out hombrés!


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