Marvel and The Avengers! pt3

Colonel Nicholas Joseph “Nick” Fury, better known as Director Fury, is one of the leading men in the Marvel universe and, as most of Marvel’s creations, he comes in a variation of shapes and colours. He was first portrayed by David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff in the made for tv-film Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, wich I personally haven’t seen yet, but considering who dons the titles namesake it could only go two ways; Catastrophic failure or Cult classic. The way it went is yet to be seen and I promise you I’ll come back to it later on. If you look at the original Nick Fury, sure, Hasselhoff at least have some of his characteristics, but I’m not quite convinced about his talents as an actor.

If we instead look at Samuel L. Jackson’s portrayal of Director Fury in the latest spawns of Marvel films, they obviously took him in an ultimate way. Sure, they found the perfect actor for the job, I honestly can’t find any other African-American actor better suited for the part. He looks excactly like him and he most definately has the talents needed. Something that bothered me though, was the fact that The Avengers-movie wasn’t the Ultimate Avengers so why did they make Nick Fury ultimate? But that’s probably just something we can brush aside as another one of those mistakes they make by not letting a real fan write the script. On the other hand, better using Sam Jackson and making him ultimate then re-using the Hoff. Let’s just hope they get to finish the Avengers-saga properly before Sammy gets to old.

Another widely discussed subject about the cast of The Avengers is Chris Evans as Captain Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America. Personally I think he does a terrific job and I don’t care what people think about his performance as Johnny Storm in his earlier attempt at superhero-stardom in Fantastic Four. I actually think he did a pretty good job even in those. Say what you will about him, but I think he is a talented actor despite the fact that he did Not Another Teen Movie back in 2001.

And if you look at Evans’s physique in Captain America: The First Avenger, you can’t say that it is someting other than marvelous! He is almost thrice the size as he was in Fantastic Four and that’s a pretty hard thing to do in 4 years! Although, one thing I noticed about it was, that he dropped a little in mass for The Avengers, wich probably isn’t noticeable if you’re not a fitness-freak yourself (like me) so he gets away with it.

I also didn’t approve of the suit in The Avengers. In the first one I loved it. It had that authentic feel to it, like it actually served a purpose and wasn’t there just for show, but in The Avengers it just looked goofy and cartoonish. That would’ve been fine if they made a movie for kids UP TO 7 but not like this. It was just wrong!

There you have it folks, my thoughts for tonight. If you have anything you think I’ve missed or something you wanna discuss, remember, there’s a comment-section below!

Until next time… Peace out hombrés!



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