Jeff Goldblum – A tribute to classic acting!

Many a actors has come and gone through the years, but only a handful have gained the star-status they deserved. Jeff Goldblum is, unfortunately, not one of them. With the immense talent he possesses, a place high up on the Hollywood A-list is nothing more than fair.  But sadly, he haven’t climbed as far up as say Al Pacino or Mel Gibson or even George Clooney for that matter. While I’m a huge Pacino- and Gibson-fan, I feel that if Clooney can get up there, why in the name of all that is holy isn’t Goldblum up there aswell? Clooney isn’t even that good an actor.

Jeff Goldblum, much like Al Pacino, may not possess that standard-good looks that most of the big actors have, but he has something else that puts him way beyond pretty much everyone else, he has charisma, and the way he moves on screen is like nothing I’ve seen outside the theater. A classically talented actor in a world filled with shallow obsessions and people walking around thinking they’re gods gift to mankind.

He has the talent to portray anything from a loving father to a creepy scientist gone mad. Even in his guest-part in Friends (season 9, episode 15) he took his character “Leonard Hayes” to unbelievable heights. The man is an unbelievable inspiration to any aspiring actor and I myself could only dream of being as talented.

He is, and will always be on my Top20 Favorite Male Actors of all time and I just wanted to let you see some of my thoughts about him!

Until next time… Peace out hombrés!


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