Marvel’s The Avengers Revisited (pt. 1)

The avengers. Who are they, really? Sure, we all know who Captain America is, who Hulk is, Iron Man and so on.. but who are they really? The actors, I mean.

Sure, we all know that Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark (Iron Man), Chris Hemsworth is Thor, Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye and so on, but do we really know who these people are? I know the most of you THINK you do, but probably don’t, so here I am, giving you the My-sight of it all ( My-Sight = the way I see the actors over time, a future-coming attraction in the webisodes ( #TTMySight )) 

And who should we start with? Well, let’s just start with one of my favourite actors of all time (who just happens to be in the Avengers), Robert Downey Jr. a.k.a Iron Man!


First off, I just want to lift my imaginary hat to the guy! Wow, what an amazing actor he is. Truly an astonishing talent, armed with a diversity like none other,

The first time I ever saw him, was as a bully alongside Robert Rusler in Weird Science (where he was credited as only Robert Downey), one of the more obscure John Hughes-films (in comparison to Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink), At first I didn’t think much of him, since he was playing next to one of my then favorite actors (Rusler), but after a few views, I saw in him something that none of my friends saw. It even went as far as to where me and my best friend, at the time, made a bet on who would become an adult A-list actor, Downey or Rusler. My money was on Downey where as my friend had his money on Rusler. I think we all know who won that bet? (at the time, 20 swedish crowns, about $2 +- a few cents.)

The next time Downey made an impression on me, was in the movie Johnny Be Good (1988, directed by Bud S. Smith), where is the first time I saw his now World renowned What-The-Fuck-face (yeah, you have all seen it sometimes) and the I’m-high-as-fuck-yeah!-face, as the football-playing what’not. <—- Amazing movie btw (free movie-tip).

After that, I actually thought I lost him for a while, until he “resurfaced” in Natural Born Killers as a prowsy reporter on the case of Mickey and Mallory Knox (but we all know how that went, don’t we? 😉 )
And then again, boom, he was gone from My radar like a ghost.


I didn’t see him again in a major role until U.S. Marshals, (the 1998 (badly performed) sequel to Harrison Ford’s  1993 acclaimed success The Fugitive), where he played S.A. John Royce, a good-guy turned bad. I’d say he delivered his portrayal of his role with a magnetism,  which in my book, stood out from the others, even with a fantastic performance from Tommy Lee Jones and a grasping performance from  Snipes.

But what happened then? Well.. nothing, in my book. He did a few parts here and there, a few minor ones, several major ones. He appeared on Ally McBeal for 25 episodes, which made my ex-girlfriend (who shall remain unnamed) very happy. Since he haven’t really made a Boom!-success on either me or Hollywood at the time, I didn’t think much of him, until he “returned” to my life in Gothika (against Halle Berry). 
In his portrayal of Pete Graham, I personally, think that he gives us Everything we could expect from him (as of now, after Iron Man 3), and More! Every sarcasm, every intriguing twerk or habit, even the blatant exaggerism we see in Stark’s behavior, we find in his Graham. This is also the role that made him a contendor for my favorite actor of all time-spot, which he has withstood since.

Sure, he has made a lot of bad choices, whether it’s drugs, booze or bad choice of characters/scripts… hey, everyone makes bad choices in life, that’s just the way it is. I’m here writing this BECAUSE of a few wrong turns, so who am I to blame? I’d rather salute the one’s who chose wrong but turned it to something better, than wallow in what could’ave been.
And with that wisdom, I want to leave you with a few words on Downey Jr.s’s latest movies, and what I thought about it.

A Scanner Darkly – Yes!
Everything about his character in this movie (James Barris) screams! Robert Downey Jr. Sure, everybody else in the movie did a great job as well (even Keanu), but in my book, it would’ve been nothing without our own Iron Man!

Sherlock Holmes – No! 
Sure, his acting infront of the camera was Amazing. You couldn’t find anyone on earth at the time to do what he did. BUT… he was Not a great Sherlock. Okay sure, he wasn’t a great one but he weren’t a bad one neither… he was stuck somewhere in between.

Fur (An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus – Yes !
In this case, all I can say is… If you haven’t seen it, SEE IT! 
Robert Downey Jr. gives us such an amazing performance alongside great actors as Emmy Clarke and Nicole Kidman. Just a fantastic movie, so heartwarming. 

BAM! There you have it,, a few of my thoughts about Iron Man over time!
I thought that it would be enough for now, but seems to be something missing… 

So… What if I just give you a few words on some random Downey-movies that I think that you should see? That’ll be ok? Okay then… here goes!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Standard Downey-acting, but he plays against Val Kilmer and Corbin Bernsen and that couldn’t go wrong, a Must-See!

Zodiac – Ok movie, ok performance. Starring along with Gyllenhaal and (the Avenger( Ruffalo). Not a GREAT movie but indeed a Must-See!

The Soloist – He plays the journalist with a heart. Fantastic character portrayed perfectly by Downey, starring against Jamie Foxx. A definite Must-See!


There you have it… my Thursday-thoughts as a starter-up on my reboot…
Yeah sure, it wasn’t ON the Avengers, but it was slightly About the Avengers, so.. 

As I promised, there will be a lot more coming, including webisodes, with straight-up Tangos Thoughts Live, My-Sight, BAM! Right in The-.. and much more.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it. If so, spread it, share it, make it viral!

Until then…… Peace out, hombres!


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