John Rambo-series, Sylvester Stallone reprising?

Ok, ehm… heheh *nervous laughs*

First off, the news of Entertainment One’s developing of a Rambo-series was (not without some minds blown, I must say), as a true Stallone-fan, confusing. Especially when it’s said that Stallone himself, is in talks to reprise his role?

Ofcourse, as a fan of both Stallone And the Rambo-series (I personally wouldn’t categorize it as a franchise), I could think of pretty much Nothing more BADASS than a Rambo-series on TV, especially if it’s successful with (AT LEAST) four seasons, with a Two-season starter! But that’s just me, probably?

Well, anyway.. If this was something that could even be considered successful, they would need a fantastic writer (hopefully S. Stallone himself), a fan-producer and a director (for at least half of the first season) that cares as much about the CHARACTER that both me and Stallone does. And that is just for starters. In addition, they would need a co-cast that cares equally about the character in question as the developers and not just someone who thinks that this will be a fast-train to stardom. If they can bring all these factors together, I actually think they could have something great at hand here. BUT…. and this is a pretty Big But…  the only way they could come through with it is, if S. Stallone has a majority-say in the production. Without him, it’s a non-starter all together!

John Rambo - FirstBlood-Sequences

That’s what I think about the project, or, what I think about it production-wise. But how about Stallone reprising his role? Well, that’s actually a question of script, as I see it. If they choose to do a series based solely on the source-material (David Morrell’s First Blood, first published in 1972), they could just as easily ruin it as they could revive it.. and I can not, for the life of me, see a 2013-Stallone do a good -70s- Vietnam-vet (John Rambo), no matter what type of drug I put in my system. However, if they choose to go another path, say, one based around flashbacks from an aging John Rambo (as seen in the 2008 movie Rambo), and then build it continuously from there, I would most definitely give them my support. I would even donate every penny I have left, in order to make it happen!


John Rambo, an iconic action-character to date, who withstands all and everything, whether it’s a dumb-ass American lawman or a Russian army, who have seen himself spoofed and tributed time and time again, yet he stands tall and proud, cowling his even more iconic red head-band and bulging muscles, truly an inspiration to every kid in the neighborhood. But who is he really? Well, all I can say on that subject is… Read the God damn book. Or watch the movie!!

So… until next time… Goodnight, and whathooh!!


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