Elysium .. Hit or miss?

Went to the movies with my brother (older) yesterday, an event that (sadly) doesn’t happen as often as I would like anymore. We used to go to the movies once every two months or so before, but as the years passed, we both got to do our own thing instead, but every now and again it happens, and we usually see the movie with the biggest effects, the hottest stars and the loudest noise and last nights choice wasn’t too far of and in celebration of this seldom seen occurrence, I thought I’d shoot some quick thoughts about Elysium your way. 

First of, I would like to address Matt Damon’s physique. There had been a chatter on the web about how he had gained so many lbs of muscle, that he was huge and so on, but as a fitness-freak myself, all I could say was; Yeah sure, he looked good in comparison to himself in older movies but he was far from huge. But that doesn’t say he hadn’t worked hard on it, that was obvious. Kudos, Matt!

Second, I thought that the visuals of the movie was fantastic! Everything from the flashbacks to the space-shuttles, the post-apocalyptic scenery on earth to the flamboyant greens of Elysium, it was all done right! That was a big Thumps Up for me!

Third, the concept. Sure, it had Some originality to it but I also felt that it borrowed a little to much from known Sci-Fi franchises to stand out as much as it could have. Since Hollywood have pretty much played its originality through and through again, that was kind of expected from it, though.

Fourth (and final thoughts about it), was Sharlto Copley (best known for his portrayal of Murdock in the movie A-Team). Copley steals the show as the films main villain Kruger, a sleeper-agent gone rogue. Every time the plot felt as it would almost fall asleep, Kruger enters the screen and it kicks back again like a lightning-strike to the face! The accent, the mannerisms, the eyes.. This, is what kept my interest peaked through the entire movie!

All and all, I’d say it ends up somewhere smack in between, not a clear Hit but far from a Miss. I could definitely recommend it, but as for myself… I could just as easily have waited for the DVD/Blu-ray release.

Until next time… Peace out!


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This is not a serious movie review-blog. I do not review movies in a fashion that certified critics would. I think about stuff when I watch movies, and then write about those thoughts I had during the movie. I sometimes also think about other stuff related to movies, like castings, sequels and a whole bunch of other stuff. Sometimes, I even think about video games and then write about that. The only thing that's really specific to my writing, is that I write to you in the same way I would talk to you about all this stuff. So please, enjoy my writings, and if you were to get offended by anything, I would suggest you unravel that bunched up pantyhose you have stuck up your butt and stop being so sensitive, because honestly... that's Your problem, not anyone elses. Thank you! View all posts by hanktango

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