Sons of Anarchy – season 6 premiere

Sons of Anarchy seasonPremiere

September has come upon us and just as many like me out there, we have after a long and gruesome wait had our needs satisfied when the Sons of Anarchy-premiere finally aired. After last seasons riveting conclusion, my mind has been running on all 8, wondering, thinking; ‘Can they keep it up? Do they have it in them to keep the series alive?’ and so much more. We are, over the next few months, about to find out, in this first of a SoA-series, here on T.T!

After I watched the premiere-episode of season 6, I have a few things I wanna get off my chest.

First of, Charlie Hunnam. After a rising success in the Movie-side of Hollywood, one might think that, being a true Hollywood-star, Hunnam wouldn’t take his TV-career as serious, but as always, he don’t disappoint. Hunnam delivers his ‘Jax’ just as amazing as before, with the gritty voice and the posture and his all-around badass attitude. It was fantastic to see him again, in the role that made him what he is today!

As far as the story goes, the continuation is just as compelling as it has been over the years and as always, it puts you in your seat with anxiety, love/respect/hate for the characters and, most of all… the tension. It’s mindblowing! In my book, whoever writes this, should receive the¬†literary nobel prize, it’s that great!

Jimmy Smits (Nero) is still around, just as badass as always. So is Maggie Siff, Katey Sagal, Ron Perlman and the rest of the crew. The only thing I can say I don’t like about it, is the fact that ‘Opie’ no longer is with us. They do have him mentioned a few times but personally, I think the show would be even greater if they kept him on. But alas, we don’t always get what we want, do we.

Lastly, I want to give a special-mention to Donal Logue, who plays Lee Toric. This is a guy that brings the word ‘Menacing’ to a whole other level. The intensity in his eyes and the way he moves, it’s one hell of a scary thing to see and a trait not seen to often in actors today. Big ups for who ever casted Logue in the role!

There, now that I’ve got that off my chest, I can sit back, relax and watch the episode again, while waiting for the next episode.

Catch you on the next one… Peace!


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