T.T’s Throwback Thursday – Avenging Force

Welcome to Throwback Thursday on Tango’s Thoughts!

On September 12th, 1986. the movie Avenging Force  premiered its way on to the world with clenched fists and swift kicks. It stars Michael Dudikoff as Capt. Matt Hunter, a soldier who retired in order to take care of his sister after their parents death and Steve James as Larry Richards, who when running for State senate, gets attacked. Both Dudikoff and James are best known for the ‘American Ninja’-series and the two of them  together in an action-movie is like cheese on pizza or meatballs in a sub… It’s just the way it’s supposed to be!

Avenging Force (throwback)

As far as the movie goes, it’s pretty basic 80’s action through and through, with a plot no different from any other. A group of paramilitary Right-wingers attempts to kill Larry but fails, accidentally shooting his son instead. The rest of the plot is pretty self explanatory and brings nothing you haven’t already seen on multiple occasion, but the way it was executed keeps it apart from other movies of the era.

The plot on its own lands on ‘Just OK’ and the overall-acting in the movie is nothing more than decent but the thing that keep you watching it all the way through is the magnetism and energy Dudikoff brings to the film. He may not be the greatest of actors but he has a certain presence that keeps you intrigued all the way through and he most certainly delivers on the ass-kicking!

The movie was written by James Booth (Pray for Death, American Ninja 2: The Confrontation),  and directed by Sam Firstenberg (Revenge of The Ninja, American Ninja) and is said to be a sequel to the 1985-film Invasion U.S.A, starring Chuck Norris as Matt Hunter, but as far as my opinion goes, the two movies have nothing in common more than the name Matt Hunter for the lead-role. And as the movie had mostly a negative impact on critics, I’d say you have to be a fan of the 80’s-era Action if you are to enjoy it. So it’s a guarantee for you all, that I enjoyed the hell out of it, and I’m chalking it up on the ‘Buy it’-list !

There you have it folks, Avenging Force by Tango’s Thoughts! If you’ve already seen it, let me know what you think. If not, do, then let me know! Until next time… Peace!


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