Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel pt.2 – Does Cavill bring justice to the part?

Man of Steel pt.2 headerWelcome, to pt.2 of my MoS-continuation, where I will be immersing myself in the movie Man Of Steel and a various assortment of subjects surrounding the movie. Last time, I threw some quick thoughts about your way about what bothered me about it, and we will get back to that later on, but now, I want to talk about the Man of Steel himself for a bit, did Henry Cavill give the character justice? Where did he take his Superman in comparison to previous actors? How does he fare on the Greatest Superman ever portrayed-list?
Let’s just dive right in, shall we.

The first thing I want to mention (I’m sorry, I just HAVE to get it off my chest), is the flight, or rather his reaction to it. Just like so many before me have talked about it, praising it, so shall I. In almost every earlier incarnation of Superman I have seen, the flight just comes natural. Sometimes we see him as a kid, jumping farther and farther until he eventually flies of and sometimes we’ve seen him go from teenager to fully grown in a single clip and he just takes off.  I give praise to the CW-series Smallville, which took this to a whole other level, showing Clark struggle with his powers, basing his lack of flight that he is afraid of heights, then slowly building up to it, giving the moment he actually flies a tremendous amount of Epic! This was one of the greatest scenes I’ve ever seen on TV. Man of Steel, however, gives us somewhat of a likeness to the Smallville-events, but adding the Clark (or Superman now, if you’d prefer) is psyched about the fact that he is actually flying, much like any one of us would react. This is probably the thing I loved the most about the film, that’s why I had to get it out there right away.

The next thing I want to talk about is Henry Cavill’s posture as Superman, in comparison to earlier incarnations. Let us begin with (yeah, I’m calling him that, and I always will) the Original, Christopher Reeve!
Superman Reeve vs CavillRight off the bat, Cavill brings the character an authority of enormous proportions, something I’ve always felt Reeve lacked at times, but it is also a fact that the reason Why Cavill have this and not Reeve, is the fact that Cavill worked his ass off in the gym before shooting started (it’s also pretty safe to say that he kept his workout-regimen going during as well), something that wasn’t as big a trend back then. But hey, kudos to Henry on a fantastic job building his Superman-physique to heroic proportions!
Superman Routh vs CavillThen we have Brandon Routh. It sure looks like he went to the gym, both before and during, but I also get the feeling that he wanted to look like Christopher Reeve so bad, which in turn made it a half-assed, sloppy attempt to bring the character what was needed. No, so far, it’s looking pretty good for Cavill.

On we go, to Clark Kent, farm-boy. As you all know, the only thing we got to see of him growing up in Kansas was through flashbacks (something I’ll have a few thoughts about later on in the series). We’re stricken almost immediately after Krypton, to a grown-up, bearded Clark Kent, who is, as they say, finding himself out in the world, coming to terms with his destiny and all that, same as it has been for decades. Cavill does this part with ease, it seems, almost like he’s been on a similar path himself and it’s just beautiful to watch. Magnificently done, Henry!  Here is where I feel Henry takes the lead as the greatest Kal-El so far, raising the bar for all future actors to helm him. He balances the forces between being Superman and still withholding his past back in Kansas perfectly. The only one ever doing this right before him, I think, was Tom Welling in Smallville, but he had a whole bigger platform to work on, with it being a long-running series and all. So, yeah, Henry Cavill is actually the greatest Superman who have ever lived.

Yeah, I know I haven’t even mentioned Kirk Alyn, George Reeves or even Dean Cain for that matter, and there’s a reason for that.. They don’t count to the big leagues. Sure, Alyn and Reeves broke some serious ground for the character, but that’s also all they did, in my book. I am actually running on steam here, but since you asked so nicely, I thought I’d end this part by throwing you a bone, giving you a list of actors who have portrayed the iconic superhero. See if you knew about’em all. I sure did, the nerd in me had to know!

  • Ray Middleton – the first person to ever portray Superman in public during the 1939 World’s Fair (see it here).
  • Kirk Alyn – the first to don Superman’s cape in a live-action setting.
  • George Reeves – First televised appearance of Superman.
  • Johnny Rockwell – unaired Superboy pilot titled “Rajah’s Ransom” in 1961.
  • Bob Holidayi –  the Broadway production ‘It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman’, 1966.
  • David Wilson – ‘It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman’ TV-musical special, 1975.
  • Tayfun Demir – 1979, the only Non-American adaptation.
  • James Hayes Newton – TV-series ‘Superboy’, 1988.
  • Gerard Christopher – Replaced Newton in the show ‘Superboy’.
  • Dean Cain – Lois & Clark, 1993.
  • Tim Daly – voiced Superman in ‘Superman: The Animated Series’, 1996.
  • Matthew Boomer – portrayed our hero in a series of Toyota Prius commercials in 2009.

There you go, a little treat for you. I know there’s probably more actors out there who’ve lent their voice to the hero, but these, I feel, are the most worthy of mentioning, giving that it is after all a post about who is the greatest. And I think we can all agree on that. It’s Cavill, right? Yeah, it’s Cavill.

Well, it’s that time again. Time for me to watch some movies, how else could I keep you up to speed with what I think? Be sure to leave a comment on what you think. Reprimand me, if you feel I deserve it.

Until next time… Peace!



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