Child’s Play – By Tango’s Thoughts pt.1

Child's Play

The year was 1988, and the horror-genre was about to get a new iconic slasher on their hands. The straight-out’a-hell-kind of murderous evil residing in a Good Guys-doll. Does that sound scary enough? It sure does, but that’s not all. Chucky (the doll, of course), is voiced by none other than Brad Dourif, thus completing the premise of an instant classic!

Charles Lee Ray

Dourif plays the serial-killer known as Charles Lee Ray, a.k.a the Lake Shore strangler, who in his spare time dabbles with the dark and mysterious art of Voodoo, thus gaining the knowledge and power of (semi-)immortality. After being gunned down by a homicide-detective in a toy store, Lee Ray uses his knowledge of Voodoo to transport his soul into a Good Guys-doll, thereby setting up the outline for one of the scariest movies I have ever seen (in regards to first impression, of course). The doll itself looks pretty damn creepy, but when you add Dourif’s voice to the mix, it becomes something more, something darker, something that would give Evil itself the jeeves. And on top of that, Dourif looks (and is) creepy as f*ck even before he “turns himself” into the doll.

Anyways, the story that follows, is pretty straight and narrow. With his last words, Charles Lee Ray promises to kill the detective And his partner (who drove off and left him in an earlier scene), no matter what. As it would happen, Ray (now Chucky), ends up as a birthday-present to a little boy named Andy (Alex Vincent). At first, everything seems all good and tidy, until Chucky reveals himself to the boy, only to later on find out that if he don’t want to live out his entire life as a doll, he needs to transfer his soul to the first person he revealed himself to. After that, all kinds’a creepy hell breaks loose.

The animatronics used on the Chucky-doll holds up, even to today’s standards and the movie itself was beautifully shot, and the utilization of (what I like to call) the Puppet-view whenever we see the events through Chucky’s eyes is beautiful, to say the least!

If by chance, there’s anyone out there who haven’t seen this movie yet, I strongly suggest (while at the same time wonder what the hell’s wrong with you?) that you see it. It’s a Horror-experience you’ll soon forget

And there you have it, my first official entry to my Child’s Play-series, leading up to this years ‘Curse of Chucky’. Hope you’ve enjoyed it, and as always; Stay tuned for more Chucky-esque goodness.But until then… Peace!


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