The Hangover – It leaves you with just that!

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The Hangover, starring Bradly Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, and Justin Bartha, came out in 2009 and little did we know, what kind of an impact the movie would have. The movie follows a group of friends on a Bachelor-party in Vegas, or rather, the aftermath of the party the night before.

The events that follows compiles into one ginormous monolith of a fantastic movie and the comedy-genre was forever changed… but it didn’t stop there, no. They had to go and make it a trilogy. Yeah, sure the second one (2011) was a good movie, but it felt almost as a rehashing of the first one at times and the originality was a bit stale. It did however have the monkey, and a monkey in a movie is always awesome! But the movie itself felt as it had to rely on Chow (Ken Jeong) for it not to be a flop at the box-office
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And then of course, we have the third and final installment, which came out earlier this year. This was an extraordinary example of how they can fuck up a trilogy completely. I counted three small chuckles in the entire movie and the ending was the most unsatisfying ending I have seen since the turn of the millennia. Needless to say, I am counting part II and III out, removing them from the equation and standing firm on The Hangover as a stand-alone film, bases on one simple argument; It was the only one that did Not leave me with the same “unsatisfaction” that a hangover does.


If you don’t agree, then please tell me what you thought was good about’em!

Until next time…. peace!


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