Blood and Bone – A testosterone-overload!

Blood and Bone banner

It’s Lionheart with an attitude! It’s a story that has been told almost to many times, but this time it was done right. The movie stars Michael Jai White and Julian Sands and it was directed by Ben Ramsey. It tells the story of Isaiah Bone (played by White), an ex-con who, in need of cash, takes on the underground fighting-scene. Sounds familiar? Yeah, I thought so!

The thing that makes this movie stand out from the rest (movies like Lionheart and Fighting) is not just the attitude that comes with it, but the incredible cameos from MMA-stars like Kimbo Slice and Gina Carano, which takes the testosterone-levels to a supreme high, reassuring the action-fans that the movie is actually as kick-ass as it says.

Another thing that stood out, was the epic scene right at the very beginning, where you see Bone’s (White) silhouette in the sunrise. It was beautifully shot and it reels you in like nothing I’ve seen before. Just look at it!

Blood and Bones header

The actual movie per se, wasn’t great, but it was far from bad. If you like swift kicks, fast-paced and beautifully coreographed fighting alongside a great soundtrack and above average acting, this is definitely a movie for you! It (in my book) also cements Michael Jai White as a true action-star, with hugely extensive acting talent, setting him apart from the likes of Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris before him. it’s a thrill-ride from the very start and it keeps you locked and loaded throughout the film.

So if you haven’t seen it yet, and you’re looking for that testosterone-overload only an action-film can give you, look no further. It will not leave you disappointed!

There you go, the last one for tonight. Tune in tomorrow for some more light-reading! But until then…. kick ass!


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