Child’s Play – By Tango’s Thoughts pt.2

Chucky Evil eyes

Hey hey hey, guess what…. Chucky’s back, and he’s angrier than ever. The second installation to the Child’s Play-franchise is a doozy. Once again, the plot is pretty straight forward, Charles Lee Ray (you know, Chucky, as always, voiced by the magnificent Brad Dourif) needs to transport his soul into Andy’s (who has now been put in the foster care system) body if he don’t want to live out his life as a doll. Andy ends up in a foster home run by Phil (Gerrit Graham, best known for… Child’s Play 2) and Joanne Simpson (Jenny Agutter, best known for An American Werewolf in London), along with a teenage girl, Kyle (Christine Elise, Beverly Hills, 90210 ). In this home, we also find a Good Guys-doll named Tommy, who just so happens ends up a victim too, just like “everyone else”. Yeah, Chucky’s that maniacal, and it’s awesome to watch as Chucky smashes the face of the Tommy-doll and then buries it in the yard. That is just so hysterically insane, you just can Not laugh!

The movie fits the continuity of the first one and it’s a beautiful addition to a great franchise. Even though it borrows some elements from the first one, it still feel as it have a soul of its own and at points, it feels more cold and dark than its predecessor. And the intro to the film… man, that alone gave me the heebys! The movie also gives us one of the most ‘Bad Ass’ movie-quotes ever given by a doll; “You God damn women drivers!” This is so great, I just have to share the scene with you all!!

Like I said, it’s fantastic! After some slaughters and wicked comments dropped about Andy being insane, women drivers being damned and a bunch of dead bodies, the ending of this film left little to no chance at all for a third installment. But lo and behold, they managed to pull yet another masterpiece of a rabbit out of their money-making hat!

Child's Play 3 scene

In this third installment, we see a grown-up Andy (now played by Justin Whalin, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman), being in military school. This is also the first time I can honestly say I didn’t Love a Chucky-film. Don’t get me wrong, I still like it… a lot! But it feels to me like they are just rehashing old material in new settings in order to make a few more bucks. One GREAT thing about this movie, though, is Perrey Reeves (probably better known as Mrs. Ari Gold from Entourage). She is just amazing in her part as one of the female “soldier students”… and yeah, I think so because she is hot, I’m not ashamed to admit it. Sure, the character have a few great moments, but Reeves isn’t that good an actress. But she sure does deliver when it comes to looks, oh yeah!

Child's Play 3 De Silva

The movie sure had some classical moments, of course, but all and all, it’s not as great a sequel as pt.2, but it sure as hell beats the living crap out of the next two, that’s for sure. But hey, it had its moments and it’s definitely worth a buy to complete the trilogy, because let’s face it…. Perrey Reeves, Brad Dourif AND Chucky, of course it’s a masterpiece. If only by nostalgic and/or sentimental value, sure, but I’ll take it.

Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky are both (if even that) abominations to the franchise and the only thing that keeps one from not looking away are, as always, Brad Dourif… and Jennifer TIlly’s titties. They are so bad, that they don’t even deserve to get a post of their own, and I mention them here only by courtesy to Chucky, I don’t want him to come and stab me to death with a plastic knife when I sleep.

That, ladies (?) and gentleworms, was all I had for you about the Child’s Play-saga…… or was it? Stay tuned to find out! But until then….. please don’t hate me because I tend to womanize!


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