‘Curse of Chucky’ movie review.

Well, what can I say about this movie? I tell you what I can say about it, it was a F*N Masterpiece!! Never in my wildest dreams, could I have imagined it to be as awesome! I mean, it had everything a Great scary movie should have. It follows basically every single rule available. It’s set in a big-ass house in what felt as the middle of frikkin’ nowhere, it has a dark and seriously ominous soundtrack, a small cast of characters, a lightning-storm, an unbelievably hot nanny in lingerie (complete with some girl-on-girl-action), the ignorant male, the stuck-up bitch and of course, a maniacal serial-killer in the form of a “cute” little doll. Take that, add a little Brad Dourif, a touch o good script and a sentimental value that’s off the roof and what do you have? You have yourself one kick-ass revival of a long-since dead franchise!

Curse of Chucky banner

The movie was written by none other than the genius himself, Don Mancini, the creator of the Child’s Play-series, but that’s not all. This time, Mancini himself takes a seat in the directors-chair and he does perfectly. This time, we get to see a lot of details about how it all came to be and I have to say, it is done to utter perfection. It binds all the previous movies together in a way I could never have imagined and complete the story in such a way that, IF they want to go on, it wouldn’t be a total jaw-dropper. But not only that.. it gives us a long-time coming vindication and (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Alex Vincent does his job fantastically.

Chucky Badass

When it comes to the production of it all, I really don’t have a lot to say about it. Sure, they use some CGI here and there (but that’s pretty much what can be expected from any movie nowadays) but they don’t over-use it. And when they use it, they do it right! There’s also been a lot of buzzing about Chucky’s new look, but I have to say, to all you ‘Naysayers’ out there; Stop talking!! He looks fantastic. He looks creepy as all hell and he even gave me the shivers a few times. And that’s not all either. In order to make the story plausible, they have incorporated some flashback-scenes, showing us Charles Lee Ray pre-doll and Brad Dourif astounds me, he looks so Chris’n creepy!!

Charles Lee RayBrad’s face pretty much sets up the entirety of the saga and along with his voice, it’s … it’s beautiful!! They really couldn’t have made this movie any better!

Well… that sounded rather positive, don’t you think? But that’s okay… I meant every word of it. I have nothing but praises for this movie and if you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly suggest that you do, as soon as possible!!!

As I have mentioned earlier, there is a webisode-series in the works, where I’ll be completing a few of my earlier posts along with some new material. Why do I mention this now? Because ‘Curse of Chucky’ is one of those things I will be completing with a video. So if you feel that I’ve missed something here today, don’t worry… I’m on it!

Until next time….. can someone be a doll (pun intended) and buy me one of those Good Guys ? I’m sure they’re available on the eBay.


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