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Alien poster 1979

In an era where Science Fiction stood taller than most other genres, the movie Alien stood out among its peers. Not only did it satisfy the sci fi-fans, it scared the bejesus out them as well. Back then, the subject of ‘outer space’ wasn’t quite as established as it is today, so even if it weren’t supposed to be a scary movie or not (I heard both sides, so I honestly can’t tell you if it is just a rumor or not), it automatically became one. And let’s face it, the infamous tagline “In space, no one can hear you scream” doesn’t help. To me, that sounds like a straight-up Horror tagline. In any case, the movie is now a worldwide favorite, which is a fact with a 97% Fresh-rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8.5-score on IMDB to back it up. As a Sci/Fi-movie, that’s a great score and as a horror-film, it’s even better. The movie was written by Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett, who in my book deserves a literary Nobel-prize for their work here. As the movie takes place on a lone ship in space, the cast weren’t the biggest, but it certainly wasn’t the worst. Tom Skerrit, Sigourney Weaver, John Hurt and Ian Holm all took their performances to a level of excellence not often seen in these types of films and with the rest of the cast (Yaphet Kotto, Harry Dean Stanton, Veronica Cartwright), they completed a set of magnificence and sheer talent. But anywho, on to the movie at hand…

Nostromo Crew

The way I see it, when Ridley Scott directed this movie, he managed to single-handedly popularize the idea of extraterrestrials in movies while still keeping them somewhat of a mystery. Sure, we had seen a bunch of varieties of “aliens” in Star Trek and Star Wars (yeah, no episode-labels for me, thank you!) but we’ve never really been given any evidence to support the idea of them being dangerous to us, so when the Xenomorph (yeah, that’s what they’re called) starts to stalk the crew of the commercial towing spaceship Nostromo (of course, this being After it bursts out of John Hurts’ chest), we are all served a nice big chunk of suspense and the scares all feel as genuine as if we were really in danger.

Alien MotherAs far as the production goes, I’d say it was a fantastic work of art. The ships interior looked amazing and at the time, I’m pretty sure that everybody saw the future just as it is depicted in this film, with “mother’s” intense light-tapered walls, so even IF it seems ridiculous to us now, it probably felt real back then. Come to think of it… why don’t we decorate our homes like that? It looks awesome… Imagine it with an array of different colors, all tuned in to the beat of your speakers… Nah, I’m just joking, let’s leave it as it is, “safe and sound” in the Nostromo. The only thing I have to complain about really, is one itty bitty thing. The alien, the Xenomorph. Don’t get me wrong, I love this creature, I really do, there’s not a thing wrong about it.. except in this one particular scene toward the end. When I saw the film for the first time, I thought to myself; “Wow, that would’ve been awesome if it didn’t look like he was trying to hug her.” You know what scene I’m talking about, right? I’ve mentioned it before too. The scene I’m talking about is the one where the alien is charging Ripley from a tube of sorts, and it just looks ridiculous. It actually looks like he’s trying to give her a hug… I mean, look at it for yourselves and tell me I’m wrong…..

Xenomorph Hug me

He’s just screaming “HUG ME!”… but this scene aside (and yeah, I’m nitpicking on this one, I know!) this movie can stand tall and proud, when it receives the Tango’s Stamp of Approval. If you haven’t seen it, I deem you unfit to go on living among other human beings and deserves a serious whooping! And since I’m in a pretty good mood, I’ll even go as far as to say that its sequels (it has three of’em) it almost as good as the first one, hell, the second one (cleverly titled Aliens, since it’s more than one alien… get it?) is even better. And that’s actually what I’m going to watch right now… so, I’m off to LV-426 for an exciting adventure. But don’t worry, I’ll be back in time for tomorrow’s continuation of the excitement that is the 2013 Horror-a-thon, right here, on Tango’s Thoughts!

But until then…… give the poor Xeno- a hug, for Chris’ sake, he’s lonely!


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