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Well then. despite me being on the road, I managed to find some time to watch today’s movie and let me tell you… it was a weird one! But first, let me just run down some of the usual grinds. It was written by Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo (who also directed), Paul Vosloo and Jakub Korolczuk and stars Liam Neeson (as Eliot Deacon), Justin Long (Paul Coleman) and our All-time favorite forehead Christina Ricci (as Anna Taylor). The movie stands on some pretty loose legs with ratings like 5.9 on IMDB and Metacritic and a lousy 4.5 on Rotten Tomatoes. While I at times understand these ratings, given the fact that the movie does have a hard time figuring out if it wants to be a drama or horror, but I also feel that they should be somewhat higher because it does its job right and it keeps you in suspense throughout the entire film. If it were up to me, I’ll give it at least a 7/10, but hey.. one man can’t decide everything, can he? Anyways….

Ricci red negligeeThe movie follows Anna (Ricci) who after an argument with her boyfriend Paul (Long) gets in a car accident and dies (supposedly). She “wakes” up in a funeral home runt by Eliot Deacon (Neeson), a man who seemingly have a gift that allows him to speak with dead people. For the mostpart, Anna (Ricci) is running around the funeral home in a red negligee, trying to prove to any- or everyone that she isn’t dead. Which is actually pretty damn entertaining to see… no, not because the scenario is entertaining or she is a great actress, but because she is running around in a red negligee. Despite her forehead, she is pretty damn hot, I think. We also get treated with an abundant amount of boobs, which is pretty darn great (as I am a dude), but it’s not done in a “Hey, look at my tits, look how big they are”-kinda way but more…. well, almost as it was necessary for the scenes to work. How corny does that sound? A scary movie-scene that doesn’t work without the boob-shot. Ehum, moving on…

Neeson DeaconStuff (and things) happen, people are screaming, Paul believing she’s not really dead, creepy kids…. at times, the movie is really disturbing but the thing that puts it over the edge is Neesons performance as Eliot Deacon, the mortician. Neeson is a kind of actor that is great in some things and not so much in others and this is one of the times that he brings his A-game, let me tell ya’. He’s obnoxious, creepy, kind, psychotic, friendly, pragmatic, lovable and scary…. all at ones. This dude’s all over the place and he makes it all work somehow…. I think it’s his voice, though? Yeah, it’s probably his voice, mhmm.

This is one movie I would gladly recommend to anyone. However, if you’re looking for a movie with stuff happening everywhere all the time, this isn’t the movie for you. This movie relies on suspense, characters and weirdness, rather than actual events, even if there are some great ones in it. Here, check out the trailer…

I’m not sure of you grasped my subtle ‘The Walking Dead‘-reference up there, but … that was my way of pleasantly letting you guys know what I’m about to do after this post is published. Yeah, that’s right….. the ‘Stuff (and things), you got it. And yeah, I’m about to watch the season-premiere of the show so, I don’t really have time for this anymore. The time is 22:42pm and I’m about to hit the sack… gotta prepare for an early start tomorrow. And, if I don’t find the time to give you tomorrow’s post… it’ll be up on Saturday or Sunday, along with the rest of the week. But until then…. let me know if you’ve watched After.Life and if you have, let me know what you think…. nitenite


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