Stephen King’s Children of the Corn

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Children of the corn bannerI know, I slacked off…. and I had my reasons for it. But I’m back now, so it’s all good! And today, we have a goody for’ya. Stephen King’s Children of The Corn, the 1984-cult classic starring Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton as Bucky & Vicky, the “lost couple” and John Franklin as the enigmatic Isaac. Stephen King’s short-story was adapted for the screen by George Goldsmith and directed by Fritz Kiersch. As far as the ratings go (5.4 on IMDB and 4.2 on Rotten), they don’t say too much about the movie itself. It is a beloved cult classic all over the world and as a cult-phenomenon it has spawned 7 sequels and reboots over the years, with the latest being released as late as 2011 (which I see as a fantastic progression in a horror-franchise) in addition to being spoofed and blatantly ripped of in other miscellaneous media-franchises over the years.

Children of the corn kidsAs for the movie itself, I’m guessing most of you have seen it already (some of you even a whole bunch’a times, like me) so the premise is somewhat of what you might call “Old news” by now, but here it is anyway. A couple of young lovers (Horton & Hamilton) are driving cross-country when they accidentally hit a young boy trying to escape a “Gatlin death cult”. They bring they boy with them as they go for help, leading them to Gatlin. A regular small town, with seemingly nothing out of the ordinary… unless you count a bunch of homicidal kids, led by the boy-preacher Isaac, believing in a ghost-like entity in the cornfields, called “He who walks behind the rows” and believing that everyone over the age of 18 must be killed (as if one creepy kid wasn’t enough, we’re treated with a whole town of’em).

Hamilton HortonThe script was adapted perfectly for the big-screen and the directorial effort was as solid as one could imagine from someone who was a guest-director on Swamp Thing, and the music was ominous and horrifying, but the thing that (for me) stands out in this movie in comparison to others of its kind, was Linda Hamilton and Peter Horton. Their chemistry on screen is fantastic and at no point in the movie would you think that they were acting. They did a fantastic job and Hamilton’s performance is just as excellent in Corn as it was in The Terminator. I also have to give props to John Franklin, for his outstandingly creepy performance as Isaac… and to the fact that, to this day, he creeps me out just as much as he did back then.

There you go, some quick-thoughts on Children of The Corn for’ya. But now I’m off to the gym for a rough workout, but given that I’ve gotten off track with the Horror-a-thon, I’ll be back tonight with some thoughts on 100 Feet. But until then… stay out of the corn, or don’t… unless you wanna live, then do!


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