100 Feet

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100 Feet bannerHere it is,… My twelve cents worth on the film 100 Feet. The movie stars Famke Janssen and Bobby Cannavale and was written and directed by Eric Red, the horror-genius who gave us The Hitcher and Near Dark, among others. And I have to say, he does not disappoint. In my oppinion, the movie’s 5.5-score on IMDB and its 3-star rating on AllMovie.com is way to low. This is one genuinly scary film, and even though it’s not breaking any new ground what so ever, I still feel it manages to hold its own. After all, it’s pretty hard to scare anyone over 16 nowadays and this one scared me quite a bit.

Anyway, the movie follows Marnie Watson (Janssen), a woman who after murdering her abusive husband gets “released” into house arrest (thus its distinct title) in the very same house she lived And murdered her husband. It doesn’t take very long for her to discover that her late husband is in fact haunting the house and her previous abusive nightmare becomes somewhat of a “cakewalk” in comparison to her new experiences with “her husband”.

100 Feet ghostLike I said, the movie doesn’t break any new grounds in the ghost-department, but it does a fantastic job of setting up the suspense prior to any and all scares it features. And there is quite a few of them, one being the first time you get to “see” the ghost…. if you could set a rating system on jump-scares, this one would (for me) be a 9.3/10 easy. I may be spoiling the effect a bit for you by posting the picture here, but I feel I kinda have to do it anyways, just to show you the ghost… It does look quite creepy doesn’t it? Even if it’s portrayed in that static kinda way.

Janssen Cannvale 100 FeetThe movie is what I would like to call (given that this one stars a woman) ‘a one-woman show’. Even with its supporting cast, its focus lies solely on Marnie and Janssen gives us one hell of a performance. It’s not Tom Hanks in Cast Away-good of course, but it would most definitely hold up on a Top10 Performance-list if we rank what she has done so far. And the supporting cast is not too shabby either, especially Cannavale. That dude has a great way of combining creepy with encouraging and at the same time feel sleazy and cheap. Even if he’s usually the same in everything, he does bring some kind of honesty to his character in this one and I like it.

So there you have it as promised, some quick thoughts on the movie 100 Feet. This is one I hope you’ll watch, because it now stands as one of my Top10 favorite ghost-movies since the early -90s. It scared the jeebers out’a me and I’m pretty certain it will do the same for you. Tomorrow is a new day and I already have a title in mind for you… what is it? Nah, you’ll have to wait for it! But until then….. if you’re gonna murder someone, don’t do it in your own home, in case you’d be sent back there without any chance of leaving!


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