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Alien 3 bannerAnd here we are again, with the first ‘review’ of the day. And seeing as we are way past halfway through the month, my selection of horror-titles are getting a lot thinner so today, we start off with an oldie; Alien 3. The third installment of the Alien-franchise is a direct continuation to its predecessor Aliens. Yeah, I know, the titles of this particular franchise are confusing to say the least, but that’s not why we’re here. The film was the feature-debut of director David Fincher, who did a pretty decent job considering that the production of the film was engulfed in difficulties, including an unfinished script when they started shooting it. But in the end, I’d say we got a pretty good film and a Great conclusion to the trilogy (even though they ripped the soul from its legacy with that Chris’awful :Resurrection). Where the movie Alien was set up as a Sci/Fi-horror, the sequel leaned more toward a Sci/Fi-action so when Alien 3 came out, it was an exciting time for a 9-year old movie-geek to see what they would do with this one (yeah, I’m talking about myself, when it came out in 1992), and you would be wise to bet on that it scared the living crap out of me. Even when set as a direct continuation of its sequel, Alien 3 is an attempt to take the franchise back to formula and where it failed to be as good as the first one, it did a pretty good job of it.

Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), along with Newt and Hicks (and a facehugger) is on board an escape pod which crashes on Fiorina ‘Fury’ 161, a foundry facility and penal colony, which is inhabited solely by male inmates. This in itself sets up for a creepy movie. And being that it’s a penal colony, the lack of weaponry (there is NONE) makes it an even scarier one. Ripley (being the sole survivor does her best in ‘surviving’ among the male inmates and when the Xenomorph appears (“burst out fully” out of a dog), all hell breaks loose.

Alien 3 XenomorphI have to say that when they set up so that the alien was ‘spawned’ from a dog, they gave themselves an opportunity to expand the Xenomorph-mythology, giving it a completely different appearance than its predecessors and it looks pretty damn cool… a Xeno-dog, just as badass as the “regular” ones. Sure, it’s not as awesome as 10-15 Xenomorphs coming at you all at once, but it does its job. And with one lone alien on the hunt, the horror movie-feel that it wants is a given.

Ripley falls to her deathAnd like I said up top, this movie would have been a fantastic conclusion (With one of the best endings ever) to a Great trilogy if they haven’t made that horrible Alien: Resurrection. Yeah yeah yeah, I know, it was the perfect opportunity to expand the -morphs mythology even further, but did we really need to know that they could swim? No, we didn’t! And we did get a deeper insight to its origins in the Alien vs. Predator-game series And in Alien vs. Predator in 2004, so if all that was happening, : Resurrection was a complete wast of both time and money. But, I’m getting a bit off-topic now…

To conclude this one, I’m leaving you with these final words; With a bunch of horny dudes with one hot (even without her hair) badass-chick, one lone creature in the dark and a pretty decent score (the music, you nitwits), Alien 3 is definitely a worthy addition to the franchise and I am glad to own it in my complete Alien-collection, so I can watch them (the first three) whenever I feel the need for a facehug.

And there you go, the first of the day! Now, I’m off to the gym for the last session of the week, but I’ll be back mid-eve for another installment of this years Horror-a-thon. But until then… stay away from :Resurrection, leave it to the trilogy!


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