The Apparition

2013 Horror-a-thon banner

The Apparition BannerAnd we’re back. This time we’ve taken a look at the 2012 crap-fest that is The Apparition. The reason I’m calling it a crap-fest is because it is just that… a crap-fest. The movie was written and directed by Todd Lincoln (a newcomer, if you will) and it stars Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan and Tom Felton. The consensus on Rotten (with its 4% Fresh-rating) says; “The Apparition fails to offer anything original, isn’t particularly scary, and offers so little in the way of dramatic momentum that it’s more likely to put you to sleep than thrill you.” And I have to agree. The scores on Metacritic isn’t much to look at either, with a 3.9 user-score and the amazing Metascore of 18. Yeah, I think this movie takes 1st place in low scores on this years Horror-a-thon, and Yes, this is one for The Dump! As Brian Orndorf at said; “The trailer for “The Apparition” contained more story than the picture it was promoting. In fact, I think the trailer for “The Apparition” is actually more of a movie than “The Apparition.“, so in accordance with that, here is the trailer for the film and.. yeah, that’s it, I don’t have anything else to say about this one…..

I’ll be back tomorrow with another installment, but for now, I’m leaving you with this…. so until tomorrow, DON’T watch the movie, stick to the trailer!


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