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Boogeyman bannerAnd here we are, finally back on track. Took me long enough, but I made it. And the movie that got us here; Boogeyman from 2005. The movie was collaborated by writers Eric Kripke, Juliet Snowden and Stiles White, and was directed by Stephen Kay. Also notable is that it was produced by Sam Raimi… and (other than the Spider-Man franchise, of course) you know that’s never a bad thing (and that’s said as a fan, not as a critic). As far as rating goes, this movie doesn’t have a lot of good ones, as it stands with a low 13% Fresh on Rotten a 4.0 on IMDB and a surprising 4.6 user-score on Metacritic. I say that the meta-score is surprising, because before looking it up, I was expecting a much lower score, somewhere around 3 or possibly a 3.5 at best.

Boogeyman Watson DeschanelThe movie stars Barry Watson as Tim, a guy who as a young boy saw his father ripped away into the closet from an entity called the Boogeyman (opening scene), and now deals with a serious case of “nyctophobia”…. or, to put it in the words of of a middle-schooler; Dude’s afraid of the dark. And given what he saw as a child, it’s damn understandable. We get to see how he doesn’t have any doors on his cupboards, a transparent refridgerator door, all of his clothes out in the open etc, which somehow leads us to believe that the reason the Boogeyman hasn’t taken Him, is that it doesn’t have anywhere to take him from, which I thought was a pretty cool thing to see.

Boogeyman BoogeymanAnyway, after his mother passes away, he decides to stay the night in their old house, the same house that “ate” his father 15 years ago and that’s when the weirdest stuff happens. He hallucinates a whole bunch of scary crap, takes on a 15-round bout with some hangers in a downstairs closet, among other things. He is also rejoined with his childhood fancy, Kate, portrayed brilliantly by Emily Deschanel (the older but slightly hotter sister of Zooey Deschanel) and after that, the movie takes a turn for the worse (and No, I’m not giving any spoilers!!).

From the very first scene in the movie, it has a tension that’s unlike any I’ve seen before. I’m not saying that it’s the best scary movie of all time, far from it, but it did its job fantasticly. And what was that job, you ask? To scare you, that’s what it was…. and it did scare me. The first time I saw it, not so much, but now…. yeah, I was scared. Not all the time, but there was definitely a few times during the film I jumped out of my seat. And the visuals were great, not over-the-top like one would expect when a guy like Sam Raimi stands behind it, and the amount of creepy was perfect for one of those intimate horror-movie nights with your girl-/boyfriend and I would gladly recommend it for any occasion that needs a touch of the creepy’s. As a bonus, here’s the trailer;

I hope you’ve enjoyed this read as much as I enjoyed watching the movie. And now that we’re back on track, you’ll just gonna have to wait ’til tomorrow for the next installment of the 2013 Horror-a-thon. But until then….. if your children believes there’s something in the closet, don’t you dare dismiss it!


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