The Last Exorcism

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The Last Exorcism bannerToday we take a look at The Last Exorcism, a horror/thriller written by Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland and directed by Daniel Stamm. It stars Patrick Fabian (Cotton Marcus), Ashley Bell (Nell Sweetzer), Iris Bahr (Iris Reisen) and Louis Herthum (Louis Sweetzer). Serving as yet another one to the pile of “found footage” movies, this one is actually not bad. Even though Its ratings stands rather proud at 72% Fresh on Rotten and with 6.1 user-score on Metacritic, it’s still “found footage” so you know you’ve seen it all before. Although, the movie’s twist ending did leave you somewhat surprised and I for one, is anxious to see the sequel (The Last Exorcism part II) from this year.

Anyhow, the movie follows Cotton Marcus, an evangelic minister who while filming a documentary, sets out to disprove the art of exorcism, thinking that the ritual hurts the children more than it helps them, so he takes his filmcrew (Iris Reisen and Daniel, who’s the one behind the camera so he’s not really “in” the movie) to a farm where a father (Louis Sweetzer) believes his daughter (Nell) to be possessed by a demon. Marcus rigs the room with speakers, wires and other miscellaneous devises he used to make people believe in the past, performs a ‘fake’ exorcism and leaves the farm with the notion of a “job well done”. Later that night, Nell shows up in his hotelroom, so he and his crew takes her to the hospital. After that, all manners of weird and creepy stuff happens (I’m not gonna spoil anything else for you).

When I first realized that it was another one of those “found footage” type deals, I was reluctant to even see it, but I gave it a shot and I’m kinda glad I did because for once, the hand-held effect actually made it feel more real. Sure, it wasn’t the best movie I’ve seen this year, the first half was slow and kinda awkward, but halfway through, you understand why. It does a good job setting up for a suspenseful experience and where it fails to deliver any real scares (there are just a few), it makes up for with suspense and great acting.

All in all, The Last Exorcism was a good movie and if you want a movie-night with your significant other, this is a perfect choice, whether it’s for a scary movie-night or just a regular movie-night (it all depends on what mood you’re in on how you perceive it) so this film can henceforth stand proud with its Tango’s Stamp of Approval.

If you feel like tuning in again later tonight, there will be another post for you, just to get me back on track. We wouldn’t wanna fail completely with our Horror-a-thon now, would we…. not this close to Halloween and all. But until then, stay safe, and out of the fire.


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