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Much ado about Trailers….

As promised, I bring you some thoughts on a few trailers I watched over this last week, and we’ll start with The Legend of Hercules, starring Kellan Lutz as the half-god of Olympus. Based on the the trailer alone, this is one movie I’m actually not at all anxious to see. It looks like the campy, misshapen, low-budget love child of Gladiator and 300. Nah, if there is a Hercules-movie I wanna watch in 2014, it’s Hercules with Dwayne Johnson, not this crapfest.

Secondly… hey, guess what. We’re getting a new Tarzan-movie. Yupp. Well it’s about time, don’t you think? I thought so, until I saw the trailer. I was really excited about this, until I found out that it would be another animation. But hey, the last animated Tarzan-film was fantastic (the Disney-one from 1999), but this one, well….. it just looks like a CGI-miss mash of shapes, colors and plotlines. Not for me, nope. Well, maybe when it’s out on DVD.

Okay, so I would never in my life have believed you, if you said to me 15 years ago, that I would be excited to see a movie based on something from the Bible, but now… ehm…. Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, Kevin Duran and many others, one fantastic ensemble for what looks to be a great movie. Yeah, I’m talking about Noah. It looks to have both the visuals and the storyline working for it and I am actually hyping for this one!

And last, but not least, I have to talk about the latest international RoboCop-trailer. I for one, think that at this point, they should’ve left it at the first trailer. It made me want to see it, it took my hype to extreme levels and it satisfied me as much as a trailer should without showing off too much of the film itself, but now… not so much hyped anymore. They stripped it of the tension we first saw in the first trailer and made it feel more, I don’t know…… less good? Yeah, that sounds about right.

There you go, a little mid-day treat for you all. Now, it’s time for some Ultimate Spider-Man and a lot of food, because it’s just one of those days, you know. I’ll be back with some more goodies for you soon, but until then…. Spread the love, share my words!


Much ado about the ‘..Future Past’

Days Of Future Past banner
Okay, so… mind blown, I would say. Why? I’ll tell you why in a little bit. But first, I just have to say that, when it comes to promotional videos for a movie, there’s really not much we haven’t seen already……. one would think, at least. But for a few days now, the internet has been overwhelmed with another viral BANG!. But, what in Chris’s name am I talking about? I’m talking about The Bent Bullet: JFK and the Mutant Conspiracy, that’s what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen it, you will soon enough. But before I get to that, I wanna mention another promo-vid from the same film. The Trask Industries fake commercial. It gives us a quick look on what one would suspect (but I personally, refuse to believe it until I see it) is a sentinel. Ever since the first photos of the sentinel erupted on Facebook, Twitter and, well, pretty much all of the internet, I have gladly served my hatred of its new look on a silver platter whenever I got a chance. I’m pretty sure many of you agree with me on this one, too. Check out the Trask-commercial and let me know what you think.

And now, of course, the “main event” so to speak, The Bent Bullet. When I first saw it the other day, I sat and stared at the screen for like 5 or 6 minutes, just soaking in what I just witnessed. Then I watched it again, and again, and again…. until I’d watched it for like 8 or 9 times. I watched it again today for 5 times and I’m pretty sure I’ll watch it at least once more before I go to sleep and another 5-10 times during the weekend. Yeah…. it’s THAT mindblowing. The mere concept of Magneto being present (and consequently, involved) at the JFK-shooting, it’s just….. yeah, it may be repetitive at this point but I don’t care, it’s Mind …. BLOWING!! Check it out for yourself……. oh, and let me know what YOU think! As for me, I don’t think I’ve felt this kind of hype for a movie in years!

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back tomorrow with some thoughts on a few trailers I recently watched. But until then…. share the love, spread my words!

Much ado about randoms II….

Jurassic World banner
So it looks like Jurassic World is coming along nicely, what with the plot being set 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park. But what does that mean for the movie? Is it a reboot, a sequel, a re-imagining? Who knows, except the ones who does. In any case, I am excited for this one. Mostly because I love dinosaurs, but also because I’m anxious to see if it can deliver on the effects, keeping the bar as high as its predecessors set it. We’ll just have to wait until June 2015 to find out, though.

Universal banner

On another note. I’ve recently received word that one of Universal’s lead-monsters is getting a reboot. That’s right, The Mummy will return once again to the big screen. Seeing as it’s really not that long ago the last time it happened, I’m kinda confused on why they are doing this. Does it really need another go at it, or is it just a ploy to make some money? In any case, I hope they do it right this time around, keeping Imhotep in ONE movie, not two of a trilogy like before.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 bannerLastly, I wanna give a few thoughts on the upcoming Spider-Man sequel. All around the web, I read that people hate the new look he got in 2012. Personally, I loved it. And as far as the character of Peter Parker goes, Andrew Garfield killed it. I think he makes Tobey Maguire look like Nicholas Hammond (you know, from the -77 series). Another thing about this movie that bugs me is Paul Giamatti as Rhino. I’m sure he’ll play the character fantastically, but the thing I’m worried about is the character itself. We’re given the opportunity to fight Rhino in the Amazing Spider-Man game, which follows the events of the first movie, so how will they incorporate that storyline in the movie? Or will they just leave it aside as a completely other timeline? I’m a bit confused on that part… confused, and worried.

Well, it’s time for my workout now, but as I’ve been away for a while (again), I’ll probably throw something else at you later on tonight. But until then….. what’ya think about video reviews? Is it something you want to see? Shout out..