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Well here we are, back at it again. After the Horror-a-thon, I said I was going on a little horror movie-hiatus but as it turns, it was just a normal hiatus for a few days. I’ve still been watching a lot of movies, I just haven’t gotten around to writing anything about’em yet. But that is all about to change. But first, I want to address the issue of hot chicks in movies. Or, if you think that’s a little too sexist, hot Women in movies. Everyone knows that some actresses are in movies solely because they are easy to look at. Some of them even because they’re willing to go full frontal. But we also have incredibly talented actresses who are even easier to look at, and I thought I would treat you with My Top5 Hottest ‘talented actresses’ right now. And as always with these Top-lists, we start at the bottom, working our way up (although, you’ll be scrolling down)…

#5 Teresa PalmerSo, coming in at #5, we have the stunningly beautiful Teresa Palmer. It’s true, she has a few not-so-great titles on her resume, which goes to show that she is a hot chick First. But then she goes on to do movies like I Am Number Four, showing us that she can kick some serious butt as a toughie much like Angelina Jolie or Milla Jovovich, and Wish You Were Here, where she shows us a more dramatic and emotional side of her acting talents. When you put that together and wrap it all up in a 27 year old blonde, you have yourself one hell of a hot chick that’s both easy to look at and gives us what we want, without showing her tits.

#4 Blake LivelyNext up, sitting safely at #4 we have Blake Lively. Albeit, she has the ultimate chick-series Gossip Girl on her resume, she does not fail us when it comes to fantastic performances. Sure, she might not have stolen the show in Green Lantern or Savages but but when you put her next to talents like Chloë Grace Moretz and Ray McKinnon in Hick or Jon Hamm and Ben Affleck in The Town, her true colors shines through, proving once and for all that she can in fact act. Her future is, without a doubt, looking real bright.

#3 Sandra BullockAnd coming in on a strong #3, we have the amazing, Sandra Bullock, who keeps reminding us time after time, why she is in showbiz. I dare anyone out there, to tell me that she isn’t one of the most talented actresses Hollywood have ever seen. With a resume like hers, containing titles like A Time To Kill28 Days and Crash, and her latest achievement, Gravity, I’m amazed that she didn’t receive an Oscar (Best Actress, Blindeside) sooner. And the fact that she gets hotter every year is astounding to say the least, and I’m pretty sure that anyone, male or female, would agree.

#2 Jennifer LawrenceWe have arrived at the finals, ladies and gentlemen, and the one taking #2 on this Top5-list is Jennifer Lawrence. The Oscar-winning actress is probably most notable from The Hunger Games, but seeing as I’m the geek in the family, I must say that her fame (for me) is deeply founded in the Marvel-universe. Yes, I’m talking about X-Men: First Class, where she gives a truly believable performance as the struggling “Mystique”, giving the character a sense of relatability that the previous actress (Rebecca Romijn) failed to do. She is also the one person I directly think of whenever someone says the two magic words; Yoga Pants. Oh… My… God, I just got goosebumps!

38th AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring Mike Nichols - ArrivalsAnd coming in at #1, we have the amazing, beautiful and Oh-My-Lord-is-she-breathtaking Natalie Portman. There is not a doubt in my mind that anyone could ever replace her at the top. I “fell in love” with her the very first time I saw her in Léon (I was 14 at the time) and I am very much “still in love” with her now. In my world, she is the most beautiful woman to have ever lived and I would be damned if anyone ever tried to convince me otherwise. And with multiple awards behind her, including two Golden Globes (for Closer and Black Swan) and an Oscar (for Black Swan) and a Saturn-award for Best Actress in V for Vendetta, it’s safe to say that she is, indeed, a talented actress.

And there you go, the first post to arrive post-Horror month. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Also, keep in mind now, that this list is not ranked by acting-talent first. I gave these actresses their respective ranks first and foremost because of how their looks. It may sound shallow and crude, but hey…. I’m Hank, have we met?

Anyways, I’m gonna go watch some Justice League now, giving the DC-geek in me a meal, with Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths and justice League: Doom. If I find the afterwards, I write some thoughts about it, but if not… well, we’ll just see how it turns out. But until next time….. Please let me know what You think about these five beautiful women, I’m curious!


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