Uncharted Drake’s Fortune Fantasy cast.

I’ve been thinking about it, and after playing through both Drake’s Fortune  and Among Thieves in the last two weeks, I do want this successful video game-franchise turned in to a successful Movie-franchise as well. It has the potential to be one of the greatest adventure-franchises of movie history (but not as good as the Indiana Jones-series, of course), even with the third installment of National Treasure dangling in front of us. But as always, if it is to be as successful as we want it to be, it needs the right people behind it. Both a writer and a director who appreciates the love we fans have for the games, is needed for a (what could be a passion-)project like this. And yes, they would need a great cast to go with it, so I gave it a once-over, took another look, watched some clips, and now I have my final fantasy-cast for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

In this cast, I have chosen to give you six characters and actors to go with them, but I have also chosen not to write too much about’em all, because I am, in fact, a little short with time right now. I could opt for this to go out later on, but I don’t have anything else for you right now, and I really want to give you something, seeing as you’ve been kind enough to go without my thoughts for a while after the Horror-a-thon ended. So, without further ado, I give to you:

Gabriel RomanGabriel Roman – the main antagonist of the game. A British crime lord who, with the help of both a group of mercenaries and modern pirates, is chasing after the same treasure as Drake. Seeing as he is on the wrong side of 50, the opportunities was seemingly endless for a great casting-choice but for Roman, I finally landed on Ed Harris. A great actor in his own right, and I honestly couldn’t find anyone else who could do a better Roman.

Atoq NavarroAtoq Navarro – the leader of the South American mercenaries hired by Roman. As an archaeologist as well as a highly trained mercenary, Navarro serves as Roman’s right hand man(while secretly wanting the treasure for himself) in the chase for the treasure. This was actually one of the easiest casting choices on this list because there really is only one man who could do this character right, and that man is Benjamin Bratt. He got the looks and the resume to back it up.

Eddy RajaEddy Raja – the tertiary antagonist and the leader of the pirates hired by Roman. With a backstory given to us from the Eye of Indra (a motion comic set before the events of Drake’s Fortune) we learn that he was once a good friend of Drake but now, all he wants is money and the glory that comes with it. He also serves (I think) as a comic relief at times. The character of Eddy Raja was the easiest one to cast. When I played the game for the first time and Eddy shows up on screen, my mind jumped instantaneously to Ernie Reyes Jr. There is something about the two that just… yeah, you could almost say that they are incarnations of each other in a way.

Victor SullivanVictor “Sully” Sullivan – a seasoned treasure hunter, as well as Drake’s former mentor. Throughout the game, he carries with him an attitude that feels almost like Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon. In fact, he even drops the same quote; “I’m getting to old for this…” (It could be from Among Thieves, I’m not sure, I played both games very recently), so this is also kinda easy to cast. And the one who could take “Sully” home, is none other than William Hurt, mostly because they look and sound almost identical, but also because Hurt is one hell of an actor and I would be damned if anyone else could do as great a job as him.

Elena FisherElena Fisher – an American Journalist/Foreign correspondent and TV personality caught up in an adventure she wasn’t quite expecting. As the series progresses, she also serves as the love interest of our main protagonist and is sometimes seen as the female equivalent of Drake himself, rather than the damsel in distress. And who have I chosen to portray this lovely young adventuress? Well, here’s a curve ball for’ya. My pick of the litter is Amber Heard. Yeah, I know, but hey… she has something to prove and I think that with that in mind, she could deliver on a fantastic Elena if she got the part.

Nathan DrakeAnd for the final fantasy cast of the evening, our main protagonist of the Uncharted-franchise, Nathan Drake, the treasure hunter and fortune seeker who can’t seem to find himself on the far side of trouble. Much like any adventurer before him, he is a rugged but kind man, with an immense knowledge of anything ancient. He also believes himself to be a distant descendant of the famous English explorer Sir Francis Drake, even though any evidence of that have never been given, more than a ring he carries in a string around his neck. And again, I think my casting choice could serve as another curve ball, but I honestly believe that there isn’t anyone out there who could do a better job with this character (except Nolan North himself, but that will sadly never happen) and once again, this is a guy who still has something to prove, which only leads me to believe that he can do it even better. Who is it, then, you ask? Well, patience, I’ll get to it… nah, who am I kidding, I can’t hold it in any longer. My fantasy casting choice for the Awesome Nathan Drake, is none other than our Grid-gamer Garrett Hedlund. “What, why?” you ask? Because look at him. And listen to him. And…. well, just look at him, and tell me he wouldn’t be a great Nathan Drake, I dare’ya!

So there you have it, folks… Now, I’m off to do some other crap that I don’t need to talk about here, but I’ll be back tomorrow with something a little closer to home. You’ll get it when it’s up. But until then….. if you have anything to say about my choices, please, say it in the comment-section, I do want you to tell me!


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