Timeline – A Paul Walker honorary!

With it being almost a week now, since the actors untimely demise, I have to say that I’m getting pretty annoyed with the fact that everybody seems to think that all he ever did was the Fast-series. Did anyone anywhere see anything else he did? Well, I sure did. Over the last week, I have watched a bunch of movies he left us with, including Running Scared,  Joyride and Flags of Our Fathers, but the movie I’ll drop some thoughts on today is Timeline.

Timeline Movie Banner

Did anyone see this movie? If you haven’t, I would suggest that you do that. It may not be a masterpiece in any way, but the premise of a group of archaeological students traveling back in time after finding a pair of glasses belonging to their professor (and, in Paul Walker’s characters case, his father) deep within the catacombs, it’s nothing if not a fun ride. The ensemble of actors is fantastic (Paul Walker, Gerard Butler, Billy Connolly, Neal McDonough, Michael Sheen, David Thewlis and more) as well as well fitted toward each other, and it was also the first time I saw Walker having great chemistry with anyone on screen. The way he interacts with Butler feels almost as if they’d known each other for a long time before the movie began shooting. It was also one of the first times he showed us (well, at least me)  that he could actually show emotion on screen, and that is a trait I feel is missing from a lot of actors these days.

Anyway, I’m not gonna go on and on about the movie, I just wanted to diverge from all the Fast and Furious-chatter that’s everywhere and point out that mr. Walker did actually have a career outside a car, and urge you all (if you hadn’t already) to find out what he did before he sat down behind the wheel.

And, as always, more goodies to come soon enough, but until then….. watch any of aforementioned movies and you won’t regret it!


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