Arnold in Terminator 5 quick-thoughts…

3919_headingAs the entirety of the world probably knows about now, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governator himself is going to be in the next Terminator-installment. Is that awesome? Yes, yes it is!! Is it going to be badass? Yeah, probably! Is it going to be any good? Probably not, I think. I mean, no disrespect toward the guy (he’s an inspiration on more than just a few points in my life), but the age-thing is against him on this one….. if he’s supposed to be a cyborg, at least.

But I have to say real quick, that if there is a director out there who could make this, and everything else rumored about the movie, work, it is Alan Taylor. Just look at what he did with Thor: The Dark World…. it was a work of art to say the least, and when he’s done with the Terminator-franchise, I’m more than confident that I will at least praise the film higher than the last two installments (..Rise of the Machines, ..Salvation). More on this subject further down the road, but for now…. let’s just wait and see.

More goodies coming to you as soon as I find something interesting enough to write about, but until then… wouldn’t it be great if our favorite actors could just Not get old?


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This is not a serious movie review-blog. I do not review movies in a fashion that certified critics would. I think about stuff when I watch movies, and then write about those thoughts I had during the movie. I sometimes also think about other stuff related to movies, like castings, sequels and a whole bunch of other stuff. Sometimes, I even think about video games and then write about that. The only thing that's really specific to my writing, is that I write to you in the same way I would talk to you about all this stuff. So please, enjoy my writings, and if you were to get offended by anything, I would suggest you unravel that bunched up pantyhose you have stuck up your butt and stop being so sensitive, because honestly... that's Your problem, not anyone elses. Thank you! View all posts by hanktango

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