Godzilla Official trailer…..

Godzilla King of the monsters banner

Godzilla King of the monstersOkay people… it has finally arrived! Ever since that God awful crapfest they CALLED Godzilla back in 1998, we have been waiting for the King of monsters to return, and I have to say, he’s returned alright, in full force!! Judging by a few previously released snaps from the film and now the footage of the king shown in the trailer, he looks ridiculously good! It goes without saying that it’s no longer a rubber suit, but given the immensity of his legacy, I don’t think they scimped on the CGI for this one. I’m betting they went all in, sparing no expense, in getting us the Godzilla we’ve so long awaited. But even though we’re treated with this beautiful footage, I’m still excited for the next trailer, which I hope will show us even more, if only slightly more, slowly building our hype to a maximum level upon release of the film.

Onward to the trailer itself.
It doesn’t really show us much, a few guys jumping out of a plane and a few disastrous occurrences…. and of course, some foggy peaks at the king himself. But if this trailer has one thing, it’s suspense. From the inspiring speach at the very beginning, to the post-apocalyptic scenery to the music (if you can call it that)… hell, even the sound effects draws you in. My initial reaction to this trailer was, as our very own Mr. Takei would’ve said…. “Oh myyyy!” and for a movie that’s pretty much just been lurking somewhere in the back of my primary interests, this just went full on Hype! and I just got myself a new 1th place in the Must Watch in 2014….

Check out the trailer right here:

What do you think? It’s not all that much to see as it stands right now, but it is just a trailer after all, and I for one am pretty sure we’re in for one hell of a ride!! Let me know what you guys think in the comment-section below, and as always… more goodies coming your way soon, but until then….. All hail the King!!


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