Indiana Jones 5 or complete reboot?

Indiana Jones banner

A lot of chanting, chattering and gnawing about the future of the Indiana Jones-franchise on the Internet recently. The question “Are they developing a fifth installment with Harrison Ford or are they rebooting the franchise completely with a younger actor?” seems to be the biggest point on everybody’s minds so I thought I’d give you my cents on the subject.

First of all, I am a HUGE Indy-fan. I grew up watching these films over and over again, and when I heard that they were releasing a fourth installment (I first heard the news back in 06, I think) the adventurous kid in me went berserk and just a few days later, an Indiana Jones-marathon ensued. And I went through 3 or 4 more Indy-marathons up until the movie was released in -08. And now, I didn’t hate the fourth film, I actually loved it. I hear everybody complaining about it for some reason or another, Harrison Ford was to old, the refrigerator-scene was bullshit and so on.. but all I have to say about that is (and you can quote me on this) Up the shut fuck, you must!

Indy hat and crateNow, for the matter at hand. Personally, I would love to see a reboot of the franchise….. But not until five or six years after the original franchise is over, which I would love to see become a complete hexalogy (or two trilogies, if you prefer), all directed and starred by Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford respectively. Not until that is done should they attempt to reboot the franchise. Which is something I feel they tend to do a lot sooner than needed. Of course, there’s franchises like Daredevil that tanked completely, sure, give it the reboot it needs, but with Indiana Jones, it would be way to soon to reboot.

Say, somewhere around the years 2020-2025 seems like a good time to reboot the Indy-franchise. They would have plenty of time to make the last two installments of the original hexalogy but also give it enough time to breath before shoving their latest envisioning down our throats. It is, after all, one of the worlds most beloved franchises and I feel that it should be treated with respect first and money later!

What do you think on the subject? Think about it, then get back to me! And as always, more goodies coming soon but until then… I hear a gruesome growling in the near future?!


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