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X-Men Days of Future Past – Latest looks..

Hey. How are you? Me? I’m good. Just sitting here on a train, heading home from a few weeks vacation at my girlfriends place… but I’m heading home now and the amount of postage will increase, I promise!

So the latest trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past is upon us and right off the bat, I have to say that they are continuing strong with “doing things right”. Ever since the first we heard about it involving both the “old and the new” crew of mutans, the hype have been slowly growing to extreme proportions and nothing.. I repeat, Nothing, seems to point on any sort of letdown. This is one film that looks to deliver exactly what it promises and I for one, am getting really excited to see it.

I’m not going to delve into that whole “rip it apart and look at all its details”-thing that everyone seems to be doing, rather than just give you some random thoughts I have on it… and some of those thoughts are as follows;

The narrative – Beautifully done, with a magnificent Patrick Stewart voice-over. It might be the nerd in me talking, but hey.. the mans voice is phenomenal!
The music – Once again, they’ve done a great job choosing the soundtrack for the trailer. Will it be as good in the final product? We’ll just have to wait and see… but I highly doubt it!
The FX – we’re treated with glimpses on what one would argue is most of the mutants involved in the story and with that, some of the things they can do… and it looks awesome! No need to improve for the films release.

We are also treated with what looks to be a dramatic death-scene, and this new footage along with tons of rumors about who will be in it and so on… could this be the last we’ll see of Storm? Well, at least the Hally Berry-version, I’m sure.

PosterOh, that’s right, I almost forgot… we’ve been given the sweet delight of a new poster as well. Nothing spectacular, a lot of mutant characters cropped together in a pile at the center and the same template as most of the action-sighted films today. Looks cool though, I can’t lie… but that’s mostly because we have both Xaviers in it!

Well, that’s pretty much it for now, but take a look at the trailer yourselves and let me know what you think about it! Until next time…. homeward bound and ready to do some real work!!


Quintessential movie-titles! #1

Hey, guess what….. I’ve gone and acquired myself one of those mythical creatures known as “girlfriends”, hence the lack of postage lately. But I’m not here to tell you about stuff like that, so why am I telling you this? Well, because this event has opened my eyes to a thing I would like to proclaim as a sort of blasphemy. “What the Hell is he talking about?”, you ask? It’s like this… my new girlfriend told me that she had never seen Star Wars. I know, what the hell, right! But apparently, it’s more common than one would think, so I thought I’d put together a list of movies that I feel is quintessential for any one person to see, kinda like the book “1001 Movies To Watch Before You Die” but with flair and pizzazz, so let’s get right down to it!

Star WarsFirst off, we have Star Wars. To make everything as easy as possible, let’s just say Saga, so I’m not leaving anything out (and yeah, that means the prequels as well!). Whenever I hear someone hasn’t seen Star Wars, it’s almost like my eyes pop out of my skull with a nice blend of disgust, fear and surprise. I mean, why? How can a person NOT have seen it? I can’t understand it, but every time I hear it, I make it my mission to get them to watch it. And when I do, I try to make them watch it in the order they were released, i.e Han was the only one who shot and so on… They are supposed to be seen in the order that they were released and all those edits and whatever, that comes later if (when) they fall in love with the Saga!

Back to the FutureSecond, we have the Back to the Future-trilogy. Anyone born pre-90s should have this on DVD (or sometimes even VHS), because it’s just one of those things. You learn to tie your shoes, peel your own potatoes, wake up in the morning, recognize a DeLorean… like things you just know how to do, Back to the Future is just something that you know by heart because you’ve seen it so many times. Everything nowadays is jam-packed with …Future-references and if you don’t understand them when you see’em, you’ve done something wrong in your life.

Indiana JonesComing in third, we have the Indiana Jones-trilogy. I’m only counting the first three here, because they feel more classic than the last one (not that I didn’t love that one too, because I did!). This trilogy is just as classic as Star Wars, being a George Lucas-creation and with the help of Mr. Spielberg, it raises itself to glory and fame for movie-lovers everywhere and if you by chance haven’t seen them, you deserve a whipping or three, preferably in the face with something that really stings (a whip, perhaps?).

The Lion KingLastly (for now, that is), we have a movie I would declare “Best Movie of ALL TIME”, and that is The Lion King. Anyone from the age of 15, love this movie because it’s the most lovable movies ever made, and everyone below 15 loves this movie because it’s awesome. It was made for kids but loved by adults. Why? Because it has everything any movie could ever hope to have; story, depth, music, memorable characters, quotability and oh so much more. I see it as a death penalty if you haven’t seen it, and I’ll be glad to dish it out myself to anyone who say otherwise!

I have given you four movies now, that I feel is necessary to watch at least once (before you fall in love with them, and you will), and I will give you a lot more, but this will have to do for now, because I’m about to play some f*n Skyrim…. but if (and you probably have) you have a title or two you feel everybody needs to watch, feel free to drop it as a comment and I’ll get to it soon enough! Now…. coffe and Skyrim. Laterz!

Much ado about more upcoming films…

Header1Earlier today, I gave you some thoughts on ‘Edge of Tomorrow‘, ‘Godzilla‘ and ‘Noah‘ and as promised, here is yet another post about upcoming films. This time, I’ve decided to talk a bit about something closer to heart.

To start things off, I’ve decided to talk a bit about the upcoming Michael Bay-crapfest that is the continuation of the Transformers-saga. I call it a crapfest because that’s what it’s bound to be, judging by the fact his past pieces haven’t really been true to form…
Never the less, it is a Transformers-film and as the genuine TF-fan that I am, I just simply have to see it. We where also treated with a trailer for the upcoming (disaster-)film and I don’t really have anything good to say about that. We’re given a sneak-peek at what looks to be the classic Optimus all rusted out… but it’s extremely safe to say that we are only seeing this because the fans was outraged when the first one came out… and I’ll be willing to bet my left nut that after the initial action-sequence, he immediately takes on that “tatted” up custom-form that we’re used to… and FUCK Bay for that one, I ain’t never forgetting that!!!

Tell me that this isn’t going to be a disaster? And no, I’m not even in the slightest impressed by what’s supposed to be Grimlock, no… not even a little!

And then there’s this… what’s been called “The most unnecessary sequel of all time” and I’m inclined to agree. 300: Rise of an Empire, what is it, a sequel, a prequel or some diffused mix of the two? I have no idea and the trailer doesn’t show us anything helpful on the subject. It does, however, look to be one magnificent piece of visuals and I’m pretty darn sure that it will hold up against its predecessor.

Another thing, though… have you ever experienced such a fantastic way of usage for a song? I haven’t! Sure, I’m a die hard Ozzy-fan, but you can’t ignore the fact that it fits Perfectly!

And lastly, I just have to say a few words on this, the Amazing Spider-Man 2… what’s the deal with all the frakking previews? I feel like we’ve been shown the entire film already. It’s almost as if Marvel has lost their magic touch somehow? Please, just let the film run, already, and stop pushing these remixes of previews down our throats, I’m sick of it!!

There, I’ve ranted on enough for one day. Tomorrow is a new day and I’ll be talking a bit about some remakes… or possibly some video games? I don’t know, we’ll just have to wait and see… but until then,………………………….