Once in a while, a show comes along that changes everything, whether it’s showcasing an actor/actress, its originality or it’s changing your way of viewing life itself… which is what this show have made me do. The show I’m talking about…. is Derek.

DerekA Netflix-original, Derek is written and directed by Ricky Gervais, who is also starring as the main character Derek, a kind but slow caretaker at a nursing home, where he works and lives alongside a crew of quirky but lovable characters, such as Hannah (Kerry Godliman), Kev (David Earl) and Dougie (Karl Pilkington) among others.

So what can you say about this show? Well, the first five minutes of the first episode, I was baffled… in a “what the hell was I watching?” kinda way, but as I’m a huge Ricky Gervais-fan, I held out for the entire episode and I’m very glad I did. The character of Derek is genuine, loving and all around kind, to any and all creatures of the world, and I can’t help but feel that Mr. Gervais has based this character somewhat on himself (apart from his quick wits and sarcastic irony toward some groups of people in his standup).  The philanthropic nature of Ricky’s actions in real life shines through in Derek and the man should be praised for it.

“I don’t think it matters if there is a God or not. I’ve met people who believe in God that are good and that are bad. And I’ve met people who don’t believe in God that are good and that are bad. So, just be good. I’m good. Not ‘coz I think I’ll go to heaven but when I do something bad, I feel bad. And when I do something good, I feel good.” – Derek Noakes
Right there, the essence of Derek in one of the strongest quotes I’ve ever read. Kindness is what the show is about, and kindness is what life should be about, simple as that!

The show is now on its 2nd season and I do sincerely hope that it will continue on for more than that, because there is only one thing I can say about this show that really fits… and that is, I LOVE IT!

As conclusion to todays post, I must beg you to give this one a try. Without a doubt, you’ll love it too…. I guarantee it!!

Until next time, be kind…. ’cause #KindnessIsMagic


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