The King is back – Godzilla review

WARNING!!! There may be some spoilers ahead, so tread carefully!!!

Godzilla banner

Okay, so…. basically, I only have one thing to say about this movie; Holiest of ginormous shits on the biggest God damn stick humanity has ever seen! Godzilla – for the first time ever, in HUGE! Yeah, that’s right….

So we all know (one would hope) who Godzilla is by now, but for the few that don’t, here’s a quick recap on his history; Godzilla, or Gojira, is a giant Daikaiju (Japanese for ‘strange creature’) from the titular Tokusatsu film-series. He made his first appearance in the neatly titled film Gojira from 1954, and has since popped up in no less than 31 films (including the poorly executed 1998-version). As he continuously fights other creatures (including King f*n Kong), he’s been crowned the ‘King of Monsters’…. there, now you know enough, back to the movie!

The teasing material we got before its release didn’t show much, but what we did see was none other than Heisenberg himself, Bryan Cranston. Why did we see him in the trailer? Well, because he’s a big name in the industry right now, and the execs knew that his face would draw a crowd. Did he appear in the movie? Well, yeah…. of course he did, but not as much as one would think. The part he plays could just as easily have been played by any male actor over 50, no doubt. But with that said, the job he did with the part he had was brilliant.

Another thing they teased in the trailers was another monster, or… was it another monster? That’s the thing about the teasers, it could just as easily have been something else, but yeah… there was another monster(s), but that was kinda expected anyway, seeing as the King usually fights someone “his own size”. And while we’re on the subject of other monsters. I’ve heard/read other reviews of the movie and most of them seem to have the same idea on that other monster. They all seem to compare it to the Cloverfield-giant, and where I can see Why they make that comparison, I’m not on the same page. To me, it looked more like an enormous insect and I’m very pleased with their execution (no, not the way they died, the way they were done).

But how about the backstory? ‘Cause every monster movie needs a solid backstory, if it is to be at all convincing…. you know, if we’re to think that something like this could Actually happen in real life. Well, I’ll tell’ya. Instead of going with the “We have created a monster with nuclear radiation”-angle, they gave us a story of ancient giant creatures who lived long before the dinosaurs, when the earth was far more radioactive than it is today, who fed on that same radiation, thus consuming it, making it habitable for other species. I bought it. No, I actually did. Again, the execution was perfect and If one were to believe that giant Kaiju were to exist, this would probably have been a like scenario for it. But how did they come back? Well, that’s for you to find out in the movie, I think.

The main (human) character, however, Ford Brody (played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson), a soldier trying to get home to his wife and son. He was what you could compare to Matthew Broderick’s character in the 1998 film. Sure, they played kind of a big part in the story ‘n all, but in retrospect, well….. nah, I enjoyed watching Kick-Ass do something other than pretending to do something for a change. Basically, the character was a showcase for Taylor-Johnson more than an essential character, I think, but they made it work and the movie is what it is with him in it. He did a great job though, Johnson, and one thing’s for sure. Other than his upcoming stint in the Avengers-sequel, I guarantee that he WILL be a household name in the near future!

One thing that people started discussing almost immediately after the news of a new Godzilla-film were being made… was his appearance. How would he look? Will they redeem themselves from that so-called -98 fiasco? Well, take a look for yourselves.
In the picture above, he depicted from his first 1954 appearance, the 1998 ‘Zilla-version and his latest suit, the Legendary/Toho King and as you can see, much have changed. He has gone through some immense changes over the years (which can be expected, of course) and personally, I would say that after that -98 look, where he looks like a mutated Velociraptor (yeah, the door-opening dudes from Jurassic Park), they kinda took it back to formula but still kept it Hollywood enough and personally, I’m very pleased with the end result. He looked badass!

As for the movie itself, I went in with little to no expectations of it staying true to the classics we’ve all come to love and I went out Very VERY satisfied! The very first time we got to see the King full force, he put up his hands(?) almost like a ‘Come at me, bro!’ pose and when he let off that high pitched scream… I got shivers running all over my spine and back. God damn, if I didn’t feel like a little kid on Christmas morning!! And oh my lord, the monster fights. Dude, it was like looking at a Vin Diesel vs. Dwayne Johnson-rumble of Kaiju proportions….. with a tag-team addition.

But now, as I went straight to work with this review after seeing the movie, I am going to wind myself down and watch something that doesn’t make my heart stomp out of my chest.

As a final conclusion to this review, I give this Legendary/Toho Godzilla the Tango’s Stamp of Approval with a touch of crispy bacon weave on the side!! That means GO SEE THE DAMN MOVIE, you twinky!!!

Until next time…..


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