Fantasy Cast – “What If” #1

It may be somewhat delayed, but here it is, as promised…. another addition to my ‘Fantasy Cast’-category. And what object have I chosen to cast, you might wonder? Well, since you asked… and this may/may not be appropriate seeing as the third installment of the franchise is currently (still?) in the works, but I thought to myself; “What if they were to remake Ghost Busters, how would that look?”, and so, here’s a quick Fantasy Cast for just that, the Ghost Busters.

As the original Ghost Busters, (Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson) set the standard (in my book) when it comes to chemistry between an ensemble cast and I think it’ll be pretty hard to find that again, but let’s give it a shot, shall we…

Bill Murray Venkman Dylan O'BrienFirst off, we have the character Peter Venkman, a crass character with a goofy side note, brought to life in a surreal way by Bill Murray back in 1984. Who, today, could even Possibly fill those shoes? The one that struck my mind in an instant, was Dylan O’Brien. Probably best known for his work on Teen Wolf, O’Brien shows us time and again, that he can be just as goofy as our old Murray (although not as great, but no one man is), but also that when push comes to shove, he brings a seriousness to the table just like anyone else and I think he can be a great Peter Venkman if given a chance. Yes, he may be a bit young, but hey…. you don’t really think they’ll reboot the franchise in at least 10-15 years, do you?

Dan Aykroyd Stantz John KrasinskiNext up, we have the dynamic and somewhat derailing character of Raymond Stantz, originally portrayed by Dan Aykroyd (he sure brings the blues, doesn’t he?). Who out there today, can give us just as good a Stantz that Aykroyd gave us? Well, for me, this choice is as easy as sleeping when I’m tired. The Office’s own John Krasinski is and will always be the only choice for this character. Not only does he remind me of a young Aykroyd, but he’s just a fantastic actor as aforementioned as well. Krasinski for Stantz, he’ll definitely get my vote!

Harold Ramis Spengler James McAvoyThirdly we have Egon Spengler, originally played by the now late (and most definitely Great) Harold Ramis. He’s quirky, goofy, professional and very funny, all mixed into one and this, my friends, would be the biggest shoes to fill (no, not just because Ramis’ passing) and the person I feel can do it proper, is none other than Professor Xavier himself, James McAvoy. We’ve all seen what he can do on screen and there’s not a doubt in my mind that he would deliver the best Egoooooon!’s today!

Ernie Hudson Zeddmore Anthony MackieAnd lastly, we’ve arrived at the fourth and final Ghost Buster, Winston Zeddmore, played brilliantly by Ernie Hudson. Sure, some might say that his character is just that, how to put it… token black guy, but I think that the film would be completely different without it, and that difference would be a negative one, for sure. But who to place in this “token black guy” part? Personally, I wouldn’t go with anyone else but Anthony Mackie. One quick look at his resumè and the recent upswing in his career, he is the perfect choice. Some might call Michael B. Jordan a better choice but no, for me it’s Mackie all the way.

As they say, better late than never, so here it is for your reading pleasure. What do you guys think of my choices? Let me know and maybe we’ll have a busting discussion? And on a side note, there will be a review of sorts later today on the movie Edge of Tomorrow, so tune in again tonight for some more goodies. But until then…..


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