Much ado about The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Spidey logoYeah yeah, I know most of you liked this movie (and the rest of you probably loved it), but for me… it just didn’t quite do it. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a week follow-up to the last one. The acting was stale and bland, the story felt forced and at times even humorous (and that’s Not a good thing). The only thing I actually liked, however, was the way they portrayed Green Goblin. No, not DeHaan’s acting (because he did not do a good job considering how good an actor he really is), but the way they made him look. Sure, they gave him a variant of the suit that the last Spider-Man franchise did instead of the purple hooded cloth he actually wears, but where the last franchise gave him some ridiculous helmet, this one gave us a deformed Harry.

But….. just like the old franchise, they made Harry the Green Goblin rather than his father Norman, and to all Spidey-fans across the globe, that is a minor to a somewhat consequential indignity to the source material, but for those who pays attention when they’re watching a movie, we’re shown some deformities on Norman Osborn as well, so it can be argued (however unlikely) that Norman actually was a kind of Goblin or what have you before he died…. or maybe they’ll throw us a curve ball and brings him back as the Hobgoblin in the next one? That could work, I think…. but no, they aren’t.

Two things I really didn’t like about this film….
The first, Aleksei Sytsevich, or the Rhino. What? Mecha-Rhino? No! Just…. NO! They made a videogame based on the first film where you get to fight a big-ass Rhino-dude, couldn’t they have drawn from that instead? Or at least left it at that, because this version sucked ginormous Comic book-balls if you ask me!
The Amazing Spiderman ElectroThe second, Electro. Don’t get me wrong, Jamie Foxx did his part brilliantly, but as soon as Max Dillon became Electro, the character lost my thumbs up. I mean, just look at the pictures. Yes, they have done that pure electrical being-version of Electro in the cartoons (not in the comics, I think?), but not even in that he had a suit? The right picture is a real The Amazing Spider-Man cover, showing us clear as day, that that’s not how Electro should look. I don’t now, it may just be me….

About the movie (and franchise) in general, I still think that Andrew Garfield is a much better Peter Parker than Tobey Maguire ever was. Gwen Stacy as the girlfriend did come before Mary-Jane in the comics so it’s more than great that they went with her instead of a new M.J, so there’s not too much to complain on, really, just a few nitpicks here and there. I did enjoy her death scene, though, that was brilliantly done!

(Ooops, did I spoil something? Sorry, but you should’ve seen the movie by now, so the blame is on you, not me.)

Anyway, I’ve gone on long enough about this crappile of a follow-up so I’m gonna wrap this up just about now, but hey…. more things to come, ’cause I’m on a second-wind about this movie-thinking thing, so I’ll probably be back again tomorrow with something else for you to browse, but until then….


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