Much ado about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

A lot of stuff going on in the world of geekery nowadays, so I thought I’d drop some quick thoughts on one subject in particular for you.

Ronda Rousey Gal Gadot Wonder WomanFirst off, Ronda Rousey’s crackin’ wise about her being Wonder Woman. Personally, I find that laughable. Sure, she’s a lot sturdier than Gal Gadot, but that’s not always a good thing. At least Gadot looks the part (although she’s missing about a foot in length and 15-20kg of mass at that). I don’t think Gal’s taking Rousey’s attacks so seriously.

Batman Affleck BatmobileSecond, we’ve been getting a lot of rumors and behind-the-scenes looks on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and I gotta say…. Ben Affleck’s shaping up to do the man of Bats true justice (no pun intended)! But that’s not a surprise, as I’ve always been a passenger on the team Batfleck-train. They gave us a look at the new batmobile as well a while back, and as a huge fan of the Burton-batmobile (F*ck the tumbler, I say), I was more than pleased with how it looks.

Another thing I’ve been worried about is the fact that the Michael Cera-wannabe is playing Lex Luthor but you all know how I feel about that. We haven’t been given anything to dispute the Fact that he’s gonna bomb it straight to hell so my opinion on that is as steadfast as it was before.

Batman V Superman Official logoLastly, I wanted to throw down some thoughts on the title of this behemoth of a coming attraction. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? What? I mean, I thought this was supposed to be a Man of Steel-sequel, but everything about it is pointing toward it being the jumping off-platform for the Justice League. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the idea at this point, but I think they could (should) have done it a little more Marvel-like, with each characters given their own movie first, not just Superman, and bounce it all off of that later. But hey, I’m probably just nitpicking at this point.

Anyways, it’s getting to be that time of day when sustenance is about to be devoured so I’ll leave you with the anxiousness toward my upcoming TMNT-review coming later on today. But until then, you all know what to do…..


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