Much ado about randoms V

Back at it again with another one of those pesky Random-posts. So, what subjects will I be dropping thoughts on this time? Well, for starters, how about a little Jungle book-madness? Yes, let’s start with that, shall we…

My first thoughts on this is; What the hell is going on with The Jungle Book? Apparently, both Disney and Warner Bros. are giving Kipling’s old works a shot. “What? Why?”… yeah, that’s pretty much my initial response to it as well. And apparently, one of’em will be a CG/live action version and the other a animation? For me, this sounds just ridiculous but I don’t know, maybe it could work? Or…. we can just stay satisfied with the piece of art we already have, and yes, that will be the old Disney Classic-version! What do You think? Do we really need another one of these? We certainly don’t need two, that’s for sure….

Paul Rudd Scott Lang first lookNext up, we’ve been treated with a few looks on the upcoming prodigal son of Marvel, Ant-Man. Photos of Paul Rudd on set has surfaced (that was quick, don’t you think?) as well as some photos of Evangeline Lilly’s new look (which I personally think looks just like her showing of her own new look, not necessarily for the movie) but let’s roll with it, shall we. Apparently, she’s been cast as the character of Hope Van Dyne, so it’s pretty safe to say that she’ll be playing an incarnation of Wasp. Let’s see how that goes.

As far as Rudd goes, he looks pretty beat up, and that’s pretty much what we would expect from his character (no, I won’t go any deeper than that on it, if you know you know, no need (or time) for a backstory here) but he still have some convincing me to do. Is he really the man for the job or will this be Marvel’s first real flop since the Avengers started rolling? We’ll see, we’ll see.

Let’s see, what do we have next? Oh yes, there’s a lot of talk about the Shazam-movie being made and whether or not Dwayne Johnson will be playing the titular character or Black Adam. Personally, I couldn’t care less really, ’cause I know he’ll do a ridiculously good job with both characters and I’m just glad he’s involved in the film at all. All Hail the might of the Brahma Bull!

Lastly, I thought I’d drop something for you on the subject of the upcoming adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. There’s not really much to say about the production so far, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt dropped this on us when promoting his latest film Sin City: A Dame to Kill For ;

“It’s a lot of the same people who worked on the Nolan Batman movies. It’s really exciting. There’s not a script yet, we’re still kind of working it out because it’s such a complicated adaptation because Sandman wasn’t written as novels. Sin City was written as a novel. Sandman is 75 episodic issues. There’s a reason people have been trying and failing to adapt Sandman for the past 20 years….You know, we’re still in the middle of it, so I don’t want to make any claims, but I think we’ve got the right ideas.”

Neil Gaiman's SandmanTo me, this sounds like they’re on the right track at least. It also sounds like it could be a really big franchise if done right, with it being such a long-going book. Who knows, maybe they’ll make it a back-to-back trilogy or something, but I do know for sure that I’ll be seeing it in the theater…. and that’s a promise.

And there you go, some thoughts on some subjects. I’ll be back again soon with something else for you, but until then…


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