Quick thoughts on Jean-Claude Van Damme

The muscles from Brussels with the hair that don’t care, Jean-Claude Van Damme was a mighty force in action movies of the 80’s and early 90’s, but his career hasn’t been the greatest of late. Sure, he’s given us pretty good performances in movies like JCVD and In Hell, but at the same time lent his face for a fatal accident in one episode of Las Vegas so to say his career was faulting was an understatement.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Coors banner

It doesn’t really seem to be going any better for the actor, as he’s once again starring in one yet another commercial for Coors Light, which is serving as a follow-up (or sequel, if you prefer), to the 2011-campaign. This commercial, however, is probably one of the greatest things I have seen, bringing back all the badass pointers any action movie of the 80’s could have brought, complete with a mullet straight out of Hard Target. But, without further ado, here you go…. a masterpiece of cinematic art!

Like I said, this is a follow-up to the 2011-campaign, which relies more to the comic side of it all and for those of you that haven’t seen the 2011-campaign, well… why don’t I just throw that up for you as well. Here you go!

Now, it’s time for a cold beer, actually… not a Coors, though, but how awesome would that have been? Anyway, more good stuff coming soon, but until then….


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