Guardians of the Galaxy thoughts.

Wow, let me just start his off with this; Robert Downey Jr. is no longer the coolest dude in the MCU, ’cause Chris Pratt seriously drops some of the coolest moves I’ve ever seen…

Guardians of the Galaxy bannerSo I finally had the chance to watch Guardians of the Galaxy, and as is the case with most of the movies included in the MCU, I was not at the slightest disappointed. From the very first to the very last (and yes, that includes the scene with Howard) scene, the movie delivered what is was supposed to deliver and it is not at all strange that it’s doing extremely well at the Box Office. If my girlfriend says she wants to see it, I’ll be happy to see it again, at full admittance.

When I heard that they had cast Chris Pratt as Star-Lord (Peter Quill) I was intrigued. The chubby funny-dude didn’t really feel like the right choice but now after watching the film… he  was the Only choice.  He captures all sides of the character with finesse and subtlety and really brings the character of Star-Lord from paper to screen. Just magnificent!

As far as the rest of the group goes, well…. let’s drop some quick thoughts on’em, shall we….
Groot Rocket Diesel CooperVin Diesel voicing Groot? Yeah, it was awesome. Even if he only say five different words in the movie, Diesel delivers the lines with perfection. And… he learned the phrase in a lot of different languages so it’ll be his voice on all the dubbed versions as well. Cool!
Bradley Cooper voicing Rocket? Well, this was something a lot of us fans out there was worried about. Could he actually do it? Yes, he could. And only that, I’m pretty sure that from now on, every incarnation of the character will be inspired by Cooper’s voicing, I’m sure of it! (and looking forward to it!)

guardians-of-the-galaxy Zoe SaldanaZoe Saldana, the gloriously beatiful actress who can’t seem to do anything wrong. Yeah, nothing wrong this time either. Saldana’s Gamora was exceptional to say the least, and when it comes to colorful alien humanoids, Zoe is definitely the best choice, ’cause that lady’s gorgeous in any color! Just look at her for Chris’ sake… amazing! I missed the cowled cape, though…

The movie itself was a visual masterpiece and a great addition to the MCU as well as a great springboard into the Cosmic universe of Marvel. It answered a lot of questions one would have about the movies as well as the tv-show (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D), un-confusing a lot of people, guaranteed! James Gunn did a fantastic job with everything he did and I for one is anxious for him to direct the sequel!

Oh, how could I forget… the soundtrack. Playing off of Peter Quill having a walkman with a “Awesome mix vol. 1) tape in it when leaving earth, the music is all about the 70’s and 80’s groove and it worked more than brilliantly to the settings of a deep, colorful and intriguing outer space.

Final conclusion? The Guardians of the Galaxy gets the ‘Tango’s Stamp of Approval’ as well as being put down on my to buy-list for my nerd-collection, and if you haven’t had the chance to see it yet, I highly suggest that you get your asses up and go see it… now!

In other news, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is showing tonight, so that’s what I’ll be doing with my evening. Maybe I’ll throw a few thoughts on it your way, how about that? But until then….


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