Sin City: A Dame To Kill For thoughts.

As I promised, here are now (albeit a few days later than expected) my thoughts (call it a review if you like, I don’t mind) on the long overdue sequel to Sin City, neatly subtitled ..A Dame To Kill For. The first thing that pops in to my head is the fact that it took 9 years for this sequel to arrive. Why? Who knows, there’s probably a thousand and one reasons behind it, and I don’t really care. When it comes to movies (and in this particular case, sequels) I gladly take quality over quantity. There’s no need to churn out a sequel every two years just to make some bucks. But did these 9 years of waiting pay out? Let’s find out….

Sin City A Dame to Kill For Banner

The film Sin City finally has another film to be compared to. Sure, one could argue that The Spirit works just as well for comparison, but without the Troublemaker-touch that is Robert Rodriguez, it just doesn’t quite cut it. ..A Dame To Kill For, however, is just as visually beautiful than its predecessor. But, and this seems to be a pretty recurring ‘But’…. it was SO NOT necessary for it to be in 3D. I don’t know if it was shot in 3D or if it’s a conversion, but whatever the case it was completely unnecessary.

As for the plot, or in this case plots, as the film follows several different stories occurring (at least I think they are) at the same time, well…. if you’re not at all familiar with Frank Miller in any way, you are onward bound for confusion station, I guarantee it. Not only that the film actually looks like a comic book (which is a good thing in its own but as common as grey hair on babies) but the jumps, from story to story, it had even me as a Miller-fan confused at times. There seem to be no established timeline what so ever, which kinda dragged the movie down a notch. Not a whole lot, but a slight notch down none the less.

Sin City 2 cast and posterThere’s a bunch of new faces as well, that we haven’t (?) seen before, with the addition of Josh Brolin and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to the ensemble. Those two actors right there are really in their true elements, I have to say. Nothing either of them have done before have been such a great fit and I do hope that they do more stuff like this. The gritty neo-noir elements of Sin City suits them like spots on a Dalmatian. We also have the addition Dennis Haysbert, here portraying the character Manute, which was portrayed by the now late Great Michael Clarke Duncan in Sin City, but that where to be expected, seeing as he died and all. I din’t really like that they recast the part of Miho. Originally portrayed by Devon Aoki, Jamie Chung delivers slightly below a half-decent performance. With some few plots of Miho’s past examined, I would’ve loved seeing Aoki explore the character some more, but what we get is…. well, you’ll see for yourselves, I guess. Mickey Rourke is back as Marv, praise Chris! And back with an attitude to boot. That Rourke/Marv-combo is out of this world. And ofcourse, there’s no BaSin City without a semi-dressed Jessica Alba to gaze upon so sure enough, here she is, in all her lovely Nancy-glory. With a greater story this time than to boot.

One thing I did not enjoy about this film, is their overuse of Eva Green. I can honestly say that I haven’t seen that bad an actress in a Long time. It seems the only thing she ever contributes to anything, is the fact that she’s not shy of flaunting her tits and ass at a camera. No, not at all a fan. And the bad part about that in regards to this particular film is that the subtitle ..A Dame To Kill For is directly derived from her part of the movie (Marv actually proclaims “that there…. is a dame to kill for.”). Luckily, Brolin’s character is also part of that particular storyline, so it’s not all bad.

A bunch of plot twists and odd characters are popping up, some nods to the last film here and there but, just as most classics with a follow-up (Rocky, First Blood, Raiders.. etc.), the sequel just isn’t as good as the first, so is also the case with ..A Dame To Kill For. It gets the ‘Tango’s Stamp of Approval’, but I am not going to see it again in the theater, that’s for sure. I probably won’t buy it when it hits the shelves either, ’cause it’ll be on Netflix soon enough and that’s good enough for me.

There you go, as promised… my thoughts on Sin City 2 (’cause that’s what it really is). Not too much, not to little, just enough. Next up on my To do-list is to review (yeah, I know it’s a bit on the late side) Dawn of The Planet Of The Apes, but that’s one I’m saving for tomorrow. So, until then….. you know what to do….


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