Dawn of The Planet Of The Apes thoughts.

Well, I don’t really know where to start on this one. So much was going through my mind during this film and I have no clue as to how I’m supposed to sort it all out, but let’s at least try to drop a few thoughts on it…

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes banner

RISE of the Planet of the Apes  left us with an explanation to how the Simian flu spread across the globe. Now, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, which takes place 10 years after the last film ended, is upon us and we are shown how the advanced apes have created a society of their own deep in the Redwood’s, happily living their lives as if there were no humans left. But ofcourse, the humanity is not completely extinct, albeit pushed back a bit when it comes to commodities and such, but they’re still hanging on, grasping at every straw they can get a hold on. And what’ya know, the two societies stumble upon one another and conflict is bound to ensue. And boy, what a conflict!…. but we’ll get to that in a bit.

The movie follows Malcolm (Jason Clarke) and a group of humans who are trying to restore a dam so they can once again have fluent electricity in what was once San Francisco, but after a chance encounter with a few apes, there’s instant trust issues from both sides where Koba, a former laboratory test subject tries to have Caesar engage the the humans in all out war, and Dreyfus (Gary Oldman) who in turn is prepared to do what it takes to survive, claiming that “they’re animals!” and don’t deserve what humanity does. This leaves Caesar and Malcolm caught in the middle, working together to show respective sides that they could actually coexist side by side. Ofcourse, we all know how it all ends from the earlier films, but the way this film (or these films, rather) shows us how it happened is amazing to say the least. An amazing story for an amazing sequel to a great film and if they do a third one (which I hope they do), we would have one of the (if not THE) greatest trilogies of all time!

Dawn of the Apes Malcolm CaesarIn Rise.. we had Andy Serkis (who ofcourse returns in Dawn..) as Caesar, but this time around we are given a lot more ape-action, with the addition of Toby Kebbell as Koba among others, and without giving anything away… man, the acting in this film is fantastic through and through. Not a single miss-casting anywhere to be seen. And the way the motion capture is done, it’s just brilliant. Even the kid who played Malcolm’s son Alexander (Kodi Smit-McPhee) does a great job with what he had. Oscars (or maybe the one that’s not AS good as the Oscar?) all around!

I don’t really want to say anything more about this film, at least not before I’ve seen it again (which I will, as soon as I get a chance!), but I have to drop a few thoughts on the visuals before I go….
From everything to scenery, to motion capture, to special FX, there is nothing At all to complain about in this film. The CGI these days are known to create magic on screen, but there hasn’t been anything like this before. From top to bottom and all the way through, this is a visual masterpiece and I don’t think we’ll ever see such art on screen any time soon.

Now, to do other stuff, but I implore every last one of you out there who haven’t seen this film yet to do so, and quickly, because you Need to have seen it, your lives won’t be complete without it and that’s a ‘Tango’s Stamp of Approval’ guarantee!

There’ll be some superhero-related stuff on here soon, but until then……


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