Emma Watson’s HeForShe-speech UN 2014

No, I am not what anyone would call a politically interested person, not in any shape or form. I tend to leave all things to itself, letting Mother Nature do her bidding and stand content with how life is around me……. but every now and then, some things erupt that even I can’t stand against, and this time it comes from one of my favorite (if not All time favorites) A-list celebrities; Emma Watson.

Emma Watson HeForShe speech UN 2014I imagine none of you out there on this intergalactic world wide insanity that is called ‘The Internet’ have missed this, but Emma held a celebrated speech at the UN about gender equality. Personally, I haven’t really given it much thought until she opened my eyes about it. Now I have a clearer sense of what the word “Feminism” Should stand for and all that, sure, but I may not be one hundred percent with her on Everything she says. Well… I’m here, saying my piece, so at least I’m not shying away from it and if there’s anything I can do for HeForShe, all they need to do is ask and I shall comply. If you don’t agree with my sentiment… well, to each his own. That’s how the world works, but I strongly advice that you actually Listen to what she says before you make up your minds.

With that said, here’s the speech, served to You, my readers, on a silver platter;

Most of the things she says are as true as I’m using a laptop right now, but as it always is when it comes to politics (which I think this should not be categorized as, but it is and that’s the world we live in), people tend to have their own opinions about everything, so…

Well, let’s just leave it with this; Emma …. I, Hank R. Tango, applaud you for your words on the subject, and you shall forever have my respect as a fighter against injustice, in whichever form it appears!

Thank you!!


Yeah, I know I’ve been defect of late but as I’ve been without a sensible internet connection over the last few days, I got to watch a bunch of movies (old and new) so prepare for a wave of postage coming your way. But until then….


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