FOX’s Gotham series pilot thoughts.

If you’re on any level a comic book-fan, I doubt that you didn’t already know this, but FOX had a new TV show premiered a new show this Monday called Gotham, which will serve as a prequel-series to any and all that is Batman. I saw the pilot episode, so I thought I’d give you some thoughts on it.

Gotham series banner

Let’s start with a quick rundown, shall we..
The series will be centered around a young(er) Jim Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock (played by Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue respectively), a young Bruce Wayne just after his parents were murdered and pretty much every iconic character we’ve come to know (and loath?) from the Batman-comics.

My first reaction to the show was that it could go either way. The pilot was good enough to be a springboard to greatness but seeing as it basically is a Batman-show without Batman, it’s pretty much just a new detective drama and we’ve all seen that before, so if the series is as awesome as we want it to be, we’ll just have to wait and see. I did however like both McKenzie and Logue in their roles, as well as Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot. Even Jada Pinkett Smith left a decent portrayal of her Fish Mooney so it looks pretty good from a casting point of view.

But as Gotham will stand as an origin-story, we’re bound to see a lot of iconic villains throughout the show and right off the bat we’re treated with a Catwoman cameo, an annoying Edward Nygma (Riddler) and even a young Poison Ivy and with the Penguin having a more prominent role. Sure, the cameos were somewhat of a nice fan service, but it felt kinda rushed. There’s no need to give us everything straight away. Drop’em off one a time and do so with style, and I’m sure the fans will return every week for more.

On thing, however, that this show has promised is a weekly Joker-tease. The pilot episode did not delay that fact, as we’re given a rather uncomfortable stand-up comedian auditioning for Mooney. Sure, the basic fans won’t really know what it was, but to anyone who knows their Batman history it was a clear as day nod to the Joker. I’m stoked to see how they’ll approach him in upcoming episodes!

Well there you have it, some initial thoughts on FOX’s Gotham. Not much, but as this was just a pilot, it’s really to hard to say if the show was actually good or not, but stay tuned and I’ll give you some more thoughts on it down the road a bit. Gotham airs mondays, so be sure to tune in every week, as I’ll do the same.

I’ll be back later today with my thoughts on The Equalizer but untill then….


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