Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser

And so, we finally have our first look at the seventh installment of the Star Wars-saga; The Force Awakens. Yes, it’s only a teaser, but wow does it do what it’s supposed to…. it teases the crap out of it!

There’s nothing to be find anywhere about plot points or characters, but what it does is give us a peak on how it will look…. and I have to say, judging by the small amount we have, it looks frikkin amazing!! I think, and you can quote me on this, that J.J Abrams have done what the fans wanted, and he will deliver an amazing addition to the already enormous Star Wars-universe!

Take a look at the teaser, and tell me what You think;

And let us pray that the first official theatrical trailer doesn’t take too long to arrive, ’cause we all need our fix! But, until then…. let’s watch the teaser a couple hundred more times!


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