Holiday-A-Thon #1 Jingle All The Way (1996)

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And so, here we are. December, the month of merriment and joy… and movies, corny, clichéd christmas themed movies about stuff that doesn’t really matter January through November, but alas, they keep comin’ so I’ll be dropping one reviewed title a day, all the way up to the 24th and ending this Holiday-a-Thon with a ‘Tango’s Top 5 Must-See Christmas films’ list… so let’s just dive right into it, shall we!
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Jingle All The Way, one of those weird(?) attempts for a successful actor (i.e. Arnold Schwarzenegger) to branch out into other genres and it was received with generally negative criticism. As it stands today, however, is another question entirely.

For me personally, I feel it has the potential to become one of the classics that has to be at least playing in the background at Christmas gatherings. It’s not one of the greatest films ever made, but it has that christmassy feel to it all the way through and apart from it being seriously annoying at times (a fact that I blame entirely on Sinbad and his extremely annoying postman), it’s actually quite funny. It’s filled to the brim with clichés and stale jokes but seeing the big Austrian Oak work his butt off to get a toy for his kid… it makes it worth it, because both clichés and stale jokes are best delivered by a walking cliché itself.

All in all, Jingle All The Way get’s the Tango’s Approved for Xmas-stamp and I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching it again at some point during next years Holiday season. How about you?

Well, there you go. The first entry to this years A-Thon, which will be focused on Christmas. During this A-Thon, I will review Christmas films such as Deck The Halls and Home Alone but also classics such as It’s A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol, so don’t forget to tune in at least once a day, all the way up to December 25th.

See you all again tomorrow for my next installment of the Tango’s Thoughts 2014 Holiday-A-Thon, but until then…..


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