Terminator Genisys official trailer – Thoughts!

Whoa, the geek in me can’t seem to find anywhere calm and quiet these days, with the casting announcements, the movie line-ups and the trailer premieres, it’s almost overwhelming. Yesterday, the Terminator Genisys trailer hit us.. and boy, did it hit us good.

Terminator Genisys trailer banner

It starts off showing us some imagery from the future, with John Connor giving a speach to the troops about the time machine, which immediately reminds me that I’ve been waiting for four movies to see something about it. Sure, we got a taste of it in The Sarah Connor Chronicles but now, we’re actually gonna see Kyle Reese step up and pass throug… and instantly, the hype was real!

And what we get to see about present time, well… it’s easiest to say that previous films have basically been wiped out, null and void, no more, and an entire new scenario is upon us, with a new (one would assume) T-1000 played by Byung-hun Lee… and he looks amazing! We’re also treated with what looks to be a pretty badass Emilia Clarke in the role of Sarah Connor. I had my doubts about her at first, but now it seems I have nothing to worry about. And for those of you who doubted Arnold’s return, let me put your mind at ease….. it seems they’ve found the perfect middle-ground for him still being badass and for his character to work in the story.

The visuals seems to be as badass as its predecessors (the first two), with the explosions and the robotics and it all gives me an overall calm about the movie, which looks to be one amazing addition to an already mindblowing franchise. But… if it’s actually as good as one would think, we’ll just have to wait and see.

What did You think of the trailer? Watch it and let me now in the comment section…

And lastly, don’t forget to tune in later today for a goofy and somewhat awkward installment of my 2014 Holiday-a-Thon, coming to you soon, but until then…..


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