Holiday-a-Thon #6 Christmas Vacation

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Christmas Vacation clark-bubbleIt’s that time again… to laugh your ass off to Clark Griswold and his hilarious but awkward family antics. What movie am I talking about? Well, Christmas Vacation, of course! The film (which is written by none other than John Hughes) is the 3rd film (of 4) in the National Lampoon’s Vacation series about the Griswold family and where the other three focuses on the family actually going on vacations, this one focuses on them celebrating Christmas at home.

As usual, the head of the Griswold trainwreck is Chevy Chase, the one man who consistently puts his feet (and miscellaneous) in his mouth and still manages to come out on top. This time around, we get to see his dreams of a pool being foiled by a greedy boss, his family near frozen to death in search for the perfect Christmas tree, being locked up in the attic, and his house being overrun by family…. and cousin Eddie…
Basically anything that can go wrong around Christmas does, and it’s kinda hard Not to put the blame on Clark himself. He is, after all, the greatest collaboration of stubbornness and dumb-ness (yeah, I’m calling it that!) ever to be (yeah, even greater than Steve Martin). There’s really not much one can say about this film that hasn’t already been said but to me, it will always have a special significance, not only because it was one of the few films I can remember my entire family watched together and enjoyed growing up, but because it’s without a doubt the best one of the series and a guaranteed chaotic laugh-fest.

Christmas Vacation familyAs a recurring theme for the Vacation-films, the only consistency in the family is Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo‘s recurring portrayals of Clarke and Ellen Griswold, whereas the kids are always played by different actors (apart from Dana Barron returning as Audrey in Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventureand for those of you who pays just a little more attention than the rest can see a young Johnny Galecki in the role of Rusty Griswold, which I find kind of funny.

This is one of the films on my definite Must-watch-around-Christmas-list and pretty high up as well. Sure, the nostalgic value of the film is mainly why but isn’t that really what the holidays is about? I don’t know, I just like to watch some movies.

Well, next up is Christmas With The Kranks, so grab your tool belt, ’cause Tim Allen is doing his thing! But until then…..


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